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Xim Latex Extender Vs Floetrol

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What is the difference between floetrol and xims latex x tender. The consistency is like water completely different to floetrol.

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I use to use and recommend the brand floetrol for a paint extender and while its great i now use xim latex extender because its about 50 cheaper than floetrol and i think its so much better and its hard to top floetrol.

Xim latex extender vs floetrol. Latex paint extender for wall paint around moldings cutting in im using floetrol in this wall paint because of all the molding detail and. Floetrol xim latex extender. I use if when im cutting in around a lot of molding details like in the picture below.

Diy store alternative to floetrol for acrylic pouring test. Dont need to use near as much as you do penetrol and floetrol and they seem to do a better job of getting the paint to level out. Ill also use it when painting large ceilings.

The latex x tender says it can be used with latex varnishes and water borner clear coating. I was thinking of adding a extender. Latex paint additive and extender to improve the performance of latex and acrylic paints and reduce the appearance of brush marks.

There is no color no smell and the bottle say it is biodegrable no odor non toxic. I think its very similar to others i have seen painters using such as the xim latex extender and zinnsser flow control. I want to apply some mixwax polycrilic while minimizing brush marks.

This additive can be conveniently cleaned with simple soap and water. Does it mean it will work with water based poly polycrylic. Dont forget you can use paint extender in wall paint too.

I found this thin x latex paint thinner conditioner and brush cleaner. The paint dries so fast that i ended with multiple brush marks and roller marks. Can they be used with water based poly.

Gina deluca 36675 views. It allows latex paints to be sprayed with less pressure to help reduce tip clogging and piston freeze ups. I think its very similar to others i have seen painters using such as the xim latex extender and zinnsser flow control.

Been using both the latex and oil extenders by xim. Because of panels on the doors i have to use a brush and a roller. 195 wild results w liquitex pm flip cup rain x cell test fluid acrylic paint pouring flow art duration.

Use the m 1 1 qt. After some online research i found out about paint additive eg. However im still using the oil based floetrol for oil based projects.

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