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Woodpeckers Dowel Press

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Diy dowels right in your shop. Woodpeckers precision tools woodpecker straightedges squares and rules marking and measuring tools designed with woodworking in mind.

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Always find dead center with the mt center gauge.

Woodpeckers dowel press. The precisely machined laser engraved aluminum blade has 1mm holes spaced 116 2mm on the metric version apart along its full length. Wurth louis and company. The jaws are die cast and with a rear jaw that swivels allowing you to hold different material thicknesses always at a 90 degree angle.

The woodpeckers t square makes it extraordinarily easy to draw straight accurate parallel lines along your workpiece. Woodpeckers latest onetime tool the dowel press makes it easy to produce more dowels than you can shake a stick atand you can make them in numerous sizes in any wood species from ash to zebrawood. Used in many applications including cabinet work furniture assembly and framing these unique and versatile clamps are designed to hold fix and align material at 90 degrees.

Kleiberit adhesives usa inc. This layout tool takes all the guesswork out of precisely marking out mortise and tenon joints that are centered exactly on your stock. Make perfect dowels for decorative or blind joinery from any wood species.

Made in the usa available at highland woodworking authorized woodpecker tools dealer.

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Woodpeckers Dowel Press Amazon
Woodpeckers Dowel Press Amazon
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