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Wood Grain Filler Aqua Coat

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For a finish as smooth as glass. Aqua coat clear wood grain filler is a water based low odor gel that fills in the pores of coarse or open grained woods.

Aqua Coat Clear Wood Grain Filler

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Aqua coat best wood grain filler.

Wood grain filler aqua coat. Once paint or varnish is applied it results in a remarkably smooth surfacea dramatic difference over pieces without pore filler. Its quick drying formulation is easy to level out and sand with minimal shrinkage making it the first choice for leveling out open grained woods like oak and mahogany. Clear wood grain filler.

How to apply grain filler using aqua coat clear waterbased grain filler. Aqua coat clear wood grain filler is a water based low odor gel that is easy to apply. Grain filler can be tinted with water soluble colorants or dyes.

Get a smooth glass like finish with this pro. Clear gel water based low odor fast drying non toxic environmentally safe. It reduces the number of sealers and top coats required to obtain a glass like transparent high build finish.

Woods such as oak ash elm mahogany chestnut walnut wenge and teak are characterized as having open grain because the wood pores are large. Aqua coat clear grain filler if you want to achieve a smooth as glass finish on open grained woods then you really need to use a grain aka pore filler. Aqua coat clear grain filler is a water based easy to apply gel designed for filling and leveling the pores of open grain wood structures such as oak mahogany and ash.

Aqua coat is your home for water based eco friendly wood finishes and top coats all of our finishes are water based non flammable non combustible low odor eco friendly easy to apply and clean up and are a breeze to master. Stain and seal coat must be dry and lightly sanded with 220 grit or finer sandpaper. You will wonder why you havent made the switch to water based sooner.

Can be used on raw wood or after staining sealers or topcoats. Easy to sand clear gel wood grain filler for filling the pores in woods such as oaks ash and hard to fill woods. Aqua coat clear wood grain filler should be applied after the piece is stained andor a seal coat aqua coat x 119 sanding sealer has been applied.

See the idaho painter use this product in the video below.

Aqua Coat Grain Filler Youtube

Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler Review

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Wood Grain Filler
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