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Wood Dye Vs Stain

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Staining wood is very common but not many woodworkers are familiar with wood dye. There are many reasons why dyes can be better than stains and there are reasons to use to use stains the.

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Water based wood stains and dye stains.

Wood dye vs stain. This is helpful when you want the wood grain to show. As a result the terms are used incorrectly and interchangeably. Dyes and stains are colouring agents used in the textile industry with biological specimen concrete coloring and woodwork.

Almost every woodwork has used stain to change the color or wood at one time or another but few of them have ever used wood dye to color wood in fact few woodworkers have even heard of wood dye so now is the opportunity to see the differences and understand the pros and cons of each. Like i said earlier wood dyes are more translucent. Pigments dyes mixtures of dye and pigment stains with binder and stains without binder home made stains and commercial stains.

When you get ready to add color to your next project stop to consider whether stain or dye will best enhance the look of the wood. To the majority both dyes and stains are one and the same product. Wood dyes on the other hand penetrate the wood and do not give a protective layer like most wood stains do.

There is a difference. Stains are made of colored pigments that stick in the grain and pores of the wood surface while dyes consist of microscopic particles that penetrate the wood itself. Dyes by alan noel every quarter i teach a class on coloring wood and often the very first question from the class is what are the differences between stains and dyes very simply put stains are very thin paints and dyes are why your socks are red out of the washer.

There is an easy way to apply stains that works on all types of wood with every type of stain. Water based dye stains penetrate deep into the wood to beautifully magnify the grain water based dye stain reducer dye stain reducer is the clear base we use when manufacturing general finishes dye stain and can be used to make custom dye stain colors and for tonin water based pre stain conditioner. The dyes are made of much smaller molecules than wood stains so light can pass through them easier.

On smaller more manageable projects such as furniture and on wood such as figured maple in which the tone grain and figure should be showcased. It lets the wood itself determine how much stain gets absorbed resulting in very consistent and predictable staining. However dye penetrates wood more deeply than pigment stains colors wood more evenly and dries more clearly so it renders the natural character of wood more accurately.

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