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Wood Bleach Recipe

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Joel hunnicutt i know this has been discussed but i couldnt come up with it in my search. Wood bleach is effective because it oxides wood fibers and alters the color reflecting molecules.

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Oxalic acid is commonly employed to bleach out water or rust stains.

Wood bleach recipe. The bleaching action occurs when the two chemicals come together in contact with wood. The 2 part bleach seems to work better in terms of really lightening the color but you need to test it if possible. For woods that change to a very different color like teak use a light brown dye tinted with a bit of orange.

Chlorine bleach which is like ordinary laundry bleach will remove dye color from wood but not the woods natural color. Does anybody have a favorite recipe for a wood bleach. Instructions for use vary from brand to brand.

5 simple deck wash recipes. For sun faded walnut and mahogany an amberhoney color dye will work. It will lighten some areas without changing the others on some.

Two part ab wood bleach. Many people use bleach to clean stains lighten the natural color of the wood or even combat dark spots on the aged wood. Teak stain remover sold by boat dealers is often based on oxalic acid.

John lucas joel ive used the 2 part kleen cut bleach from my local hardware. A package of wood bleach contains two bottles usually labeled a and b one contains lye sodium hydroxide and the other peroxide hydrogen peroxide. Then apply a dye to establish the final color of the wood.

Matching old wood apply ab bleach and when dry scuff sand. General maintenance mildew. Other wood bleaches are chlorine bleach and oxalic acid.

Since two part wood bleach seems to have all but disappears from the market i did some internet searching and found on the forest products laboratory website that sodium hydroxide ordinary lye or drain cleaner plus hydrogen peroxide is the only bleach that will remove the natural pigment in wood. Wood decks are a nice feature for the back yard but they do require a bit of tlc to keep them looking as good as possible and extend their lifespan. Ive also used household bleach.

I was given a big hunk of holly that is filled with blue stain and i thought i might turn a platter and bleach it. If you have wood that needs to be cleaned you can put bleach on wood.

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