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Winding Sticks

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Lee valley winding sticks. Winding or winking sticks are used to determine if a board has any twist along its length.

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Winding Sticks

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Setting a stick on a crowned surface wouldnt help much.

Winding sticks. To get the wedged shape he rips down the stock to get the two sticks. Winding sticks are a time honored jig that helps you evaluate if the surface of a board has any wind or twist. Winding sticks are great for finding medium to major twists in long.

If the sticks are parallel the inlay will be evenly exposed at both ends. Place the sticks at either end of a board inlay facing in on both sticks then sight over the top of one stick and compare the inlay on the other. The machined grooves are spaced 18 apart to help estimate the amount of twist and how much stock to remove.

To give you an accurate reading the winding sticks must be precisely made. Here are why my winding sticks give you the professional results you demand. The winding sticks exaggerate the twist.

Winding sticks working with winding sticks could hardly be simpler. If more inlay is visible on one side than the other. One winding stick is placed on each end of the board and the woodworker crouches down and sites along the board using the winding stick to see which corner is higher than the other.

I like to use 34 thick 2332s in the real world plywood because. Winding sticks are simple pieces. By placing one stick at each end of a board parallel to each other and then sighting across the tops of them any twist will immediately become apparent.

The longer they are the more the twist is exaggerated. If the surface on which the sticks are sitting is flat in the same plane. The satin black anodized finish on one side reduces glare and the machined section on the other side provides contrast when sighting.

If the winding sticks are three times longer than the width of a board then they will exaggerate the twist three times and so on. The boards surface must be fairly flat. Made from extremely stable torrefied wood.

Thats where winding sticks come in. One common design has a contrasting wood inlaid into the top of one of the sticks. The longer the winding sticks the more exaggerated the twist will be.

Set each stick square across the board. Make and use winding sticks a simple shop made twist detection tool. The two 18 long sticks nest together and have hanging holes for easy storage.

Just place them across opposite ends of the lumber you wish to check step back and have a look. The woodworker then stands back a short distance and sights across the top of the two sticks. One winding stick is placed on one end of the piece and the second winding stick is placed on the other end but parallel to the first.

Additionally winding sticks that are longer than the wood is wide exaggerates the visibility of that twist. Paul starts by talking through the features that make these his favourite winding sticks.

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