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Will Solder Stick To Steel

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Straight propane is used for this braze as ssf 6 is lower temperature than most high content silver solders. The alloy finishes very nice and needing no machine work.

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Braze or silver solder steel to steel.

Will solder stick to steel. Stainless steel alloys with high nickel or chromium contents can be very shiny and have a mirror finish. Right in that area ours has developed a small pin hole leak. The connection will only be as strong as the silver solder itself and never as strong as the stainless steel.

Stainless steel comes in pipe tube and sheet form. These highly polished alloys are much more difficult to solder due to a very strong oxide layer. This article focuses on soldering steel rather than stainless steel.

Joining square steel tubing to mild flat bar steel with ssf 6 silver solder. Ssf 6 is food grade and works equally well on stainless steel. If you are soldering brass or copper parts to the stainless steel tin them first by heating them and applying a thin coat of solder to the area that connects to the stainless steel.

Ssf 6 is cadmium free. Soldering is a metalworking process that involves joining two pieces of metal together by bonding them with solder a metal with a lower melting point than steel. Stainless steel and aluminum are more difficult still.

But if properly prepared silver solder will adhere to stainless steel and you can solder copper brass or more stainless steel onto it. Iron and nickel are sometimes soldered though it gets more difficult. Mike joins a mild flat steel bar to a piece of square steel tubing using ssf 6 silver solder and a propane torch.

But if your application does not demand the strength of steel roll up your sleeves and go for it. Can solder stick to steel. If you look at that picture youll see the stainless steel area in between the handle and the end of the unit where the water comes out.

Cast iron titanium and steel are the most difficult metals to solder. Its not a big deal it just sprays out a mist of water. Apply a coating of flux to the stainless steel parts you are connecting.

How to solder stainless steel. Steel is usually welded together but you can also solder it. Copper gold and silver are often soldered.

Notice the smooth finish without grinding or machine work. Make sure the surfaces fit flush. At work we have a pre rinse sprayer similar to this one.

Hold your parts together with wire or clamps. It is usually non magnetic and often has a silver finish.

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