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What Size Nails To Use For Hardwood Flooring

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Use 1 34 long cleat nails when installing 34 solid wood flooring when 34 thick plywood is applied directly over a concrete slabso. Use the specific gauge of nail recommended by the manufacturer for your floor.

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Bigger isnt always better.

What size nails to use for hardwood flooring. Painstakingly and back breaking work by any means the 60s brought on the widespread use of the manual cleat nailer. This size allows the nail to pass through both the walking floor and the plywood and leaves 1 inches of nail to secure to the joists. It is a bostitch mfn200 and ive seen some reviews that say it is hard to get the nails in on one blow.

There is no one nailer that will nail all wood floorings. Nails for walking floor. A good rule of thumb for nail length is 1 12 inch nails for 12 inch thick flooring and 1 34 inch nails for 34 inch thick flooring but always follow the flooring manufacturers recommendation.

The higher the gauge number the thinner the nail. Were getting ready to put down 34 prefinished oak flooring and wonder whether to use 15 or 2 flooring cleats with our nailer. Because of the harness of some wood species some tongue fracture during installation is inevitable and should not be considered a defect.

Flooring 101 home flooring tools tips tools for solid 3 4 hardwood. The two gauges of nails typically used for hardwood floors are 16 and 18 gauge. Lfn 50 highpro pneumatic hardwood flooring cleat nailer shf15 senco manual hardwood flooring cleat nailer use 1 12 long cleat nails when installing thinner 12 thick wood flooring.

In the good ole days prior to the sixties nearly all floors were actually nailed by hand using nails similar to concrete cut nails. Hosking hardwood recommends an 8 penny nail which is roughly the equivalent of a 3 inch nail. This will depend on the hardness of the wood its thickness and whether it is solid or engineered.

To ensure that nails in a walking floor go through the joists. Installing 34 solid wood hardwood flooring over 18 dreamhome insulayment onto 2332nd osb subfloor my guy at the flooring company tells me for solid wood to use nails he wasnt sure what size though reading online other people say staples have a stronger hold. What tools do i need installing solid thick northern and exotic hardwoods.

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