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What Is Parawood Furniture

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Its often not used in fine furniture but rubberwood is a versatile type of furniture material with a light color. Although common its not generally available in lumber yards in the us so only a few people actually know it.

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When choosing wooden tables or chairs youve probably heard of the term parawood.

What is parawood furniture. You can even make dining chairs and bar stools out of it. Rubberwood furniture is made from lumber harvested from rubberwood trees also known as parawood. Parawood features grains much like mahogany which are easily controlled with kiln drying.

In 2002 the malaysian ministry of primary industries marketed it under the name malaysian oak. Also known as rubberwood parawood is popular in the furniture industry because it is highly durable. A sizable part of the population also prefers to use.

But actually parawood is real wood from the heva brasiliensis the rubber tree. Parawood is often used for furniture and wood flooring because it shrinks little during drying. Regarding your question of how to finish it though i must leave that to those who have actually done it.

Other names other than rubber wood and parawood used to refer to the wood include malaysian oak plantation hardwood or white teak. This wood is perfect for bedroom furniture and is often used to make dressers nightstands vanity cases headboards and footboards. Parawood is wood from a parawood tree also known as a rubber tree.

In hardness parawood matches maple and oak so it can withstand the roughness of daily use. It also has a condensed grain and is a light color that is easy to stain. Parawood is also called rubberwood.

It can be used to make a variety of home furniture such as. Its easy to work with which makes it appealing to furniture makers. In a nutshell parawood is primarily the wood thats derived from the rubber tree.

There is little shrinkage so the wood is stable for furniture. With the proper care parawood can last for over 20 years. Rubberwood is also known as plantation hardwood parawood or hevea for the genus that the tree belongs to.

You can even make dining chairs and bar stools out of it. Youll be able to find parawood chairs parawood dining tables and many more. Like previously mentioned parawood is a favorite among furniture makers.

It is a pretty common type of wood used to make furniture. Finishing ideas for parawood tables chairs furniture. There are various types of parawood furniture that you can find in different stores.

You might even have it in your house and you just dont know. Parawood is almost as hard and durable as maple or oak and it can withstand the roughness of your day to day usage. It is thus also referred to as rubber wood.

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What Is Parawood
What Is Parawood
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