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What Is Kerrock Made Of

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Well technically its a composite of inorganic filler linked by the highest quality polymer acrylic an acrylic comprised of acryl and aluminum hydroxide. You can make the walls f100f of your shower one continuous piece it is truly a unique material that has in turn.

Kerrock The Material With Infinite Possibilities

Bathroom Kerrock

Bathroom Kerrock

Quartz could handle the additional overhang of material for my specific job without requiring metal lining support or bulky pieces from the cabinets to the counters.

What is kerrock made of. This is due to the fact that kerrock can be processed in a whole multitude of ways to make your vision a reality. It can be sawn ground polished or thermally treated. Kerrock created a custom template for my 255 of counters.

Kerrock is a composite material made of an inorganic filler and high quality acrylic polymeric. Kerrock is custom made to your sepcific needs and designed and installed in your home not in a factory and brought into your home. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate ath a material derived from bauxite ore.

It is however warm non porous. So what is kerrock made of. Installing kerrock in your kitchen or bathroom beautifies your interior and at.

Kerrock is quite simply one of the best materials of its kind. Corian is the original material of this type created by dupont scientists in 1967. They also accomodated my wish to add counter eatingseating area.

Kerrock solid surfaces have the versatility and durability that almost everything inside and outside your premises can be made from kerrock. Binder which creates the impression of natural marble or granite. And treated similarly to timber or soft metals.

It has been given the fire classification of fire retardant meaning it meets fire. There are no limitations as far as what can be done. In their faqs they compare kerrock to corian saying that it is the same type of material but that kerrock is a little denser and therefore more resistant to scratches and damage it has a longer warranty 12 years and they say it is cheaper.

The composition is made by mixing acrylic polymer with aluminium hydroxide both of which are completely safe to both humans and the environment as a whole. Kerrock is a composite material that looks and feels like stone but is actually acrylic based. Non porous resistant to mechanical impact resistant to chemicals resistant to heat pleasant to the touch there are 92 standard kerrock colour hues available.

Care and maintenance instructions. A number of direct solid surface competitors to corian have emerged since the expiration of duponts patent on solid surfaces.

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What Is Kerrock
What Is Kerrock
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