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What Is Basswood Tree

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Growth rings tend to be subtle and color is mostly uniform throughout the face grain of the wood. Bees become attracted to the high quality sap produced within the tree and numerous mammals are drawn to its fruit.

Trees Of Ohio American Basswood

American Basswood The Intown Hawk


In fact in some parts of its range basswood is known as the bee tree.

What is basswood tree. The basswood tree tilia americana also known as the american linden tree makes a bold addition to any yard but may overwhelm smaller parcels of real estate with its broad dense canopy and large sturdy trunk. Basswood flowers produce an abundance of nectar from which choice honey is made. Often 70 to 80 feet tall the tree may grow even larger up to 140 feet tall and nearly 5 feet thick in the trunk on favorable sites such as moist coves.

American basswood trees also called american linden trees are known throughout the forest as a gold mine for sweet nutrition. It is the northernmost basswood species. Part of the malvaceae family the basswood tree is well suited to us.

Knots and other defects are uncommon. A handsome large deciduous tree with large heart shaped green leaves basswood tilia americana is sometimes called the american linden. The early summer flowers are small but numerous attracting honeybees with the fragrant sweet nectar.

Growing best in nonacidic soils but still tolerating them basswood. Grain is straight with a fine even texture and moderate natural luster. American basswood is an important timber tree especially in the great lakes states.

The silviculture of american basswood. The dense fibers on the bark make for strong cord. The american basswood is a large hardwood and among the fast growing trees in the eastern united states.

Facts on basswood trees. Pale white to light brown color with sapwood and heartwood sections not clearly defined.

Uf Sfrc 4 H American Basswood

American Basswood Tilia Americana American Forests

Trees Of Ohio American Basswood

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What Is Basswood
What Is Basswood
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