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What Grit Is Steel Wool

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Does anyone know what would be the equivalent grit factor of 0000 steel wool. I mean 1000 grit vs the thinnest steel wool i could find not sure if it is 000 or 0000.

Rhodes America 10121158 Steel Wool Pad No 3 Grit Vorg6425029

Rhodes American Steel Wool 8 Grades Available 0000 000 00 0

Aubuchon Hardware Store Norton 01727 Steel Wool Pad 000 Grit

Im thinking of using this with wd 40 on my bike rims which got pretty ratty after a winters worth of salt among other areas of my bike.

What grit is steel wool. From what i understand scotchbrite grey is somewhere around 400 600 grit and white is around 1200. It seems to me that it leaves the wood slightly more porous than the 1000grit which leaves things very flat and shiny once used very lightly. 40 steel wool 400 grit sandpaper 30 steel wool 280 grit 20 steel wool 180 grit 20 steel wool 120 grit 1 steel wool 100 grit 2 steel wool 60 grit 3 steel wool 50 grit 4 steel wool 36 grit.

While some of the rim is exposed or possibly coated aluminum other areas are painted. I always thought that 0000 steel wool was finer than 400 grit guess not. No wonder i had to go back and hit it with 1200 grit.

Wetdry sandpaper with a foam pad. The more serrations on a tool will yield a finer wire or shaving while less serrations will yield a coarser wire or steel wool. Stock your janitors cleaning cart with steel wool and fill a spray bottle with industrial strength cleaner to give your cleaning staff the tools they need to get tough grime off tough surfaces.

So im curious as to how 0000 steel wool compares to sandpaper grits for some perspective. We control the wire thickness when shaving the wool from rod by selecting the right type of serrated tools. Steel wool from grainger is ideal for removing paint from wood polishing certain soft metals and removing varnish and rust from hard surfaces.

I have also read scotchbrite and steel wool cut different than sandpaper and as such are used for different goals. The grade is determined by the thickness of the wire of which the wool is made of. Steel wool 40 is around 600.

0000 Steel Wool Glass Scratches 2000 Grit Sandpaper Or Vs

Steel Wool Ace Hardware Inspirational Interior Sandpaper Grit For

Gmt Industrial Grade Steel Wool 0000 Grit 16 Pk 2w709 0000

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