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What Angle To Cut Wood To Make A Hexagon

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A wooden hexagon made from six different pieces of wood will follow this rule. The total of angles will be 720 degrees so each angle should be 120 degrees to form a perfect hexagon.

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What angle to cut wood to make a hexagon. Does anybody know of a clever sequence of cuts or any other tricks to make this as easy as possible. I need to make 8 hexagons on the table saw. They will be cut from 34 melamine and will fit in about an 18 diameter circle.

I am using the same table saw for this purpose. 60 degrees to fit together to form a 60 degree angle. Draw a hexagon while reading this.

I have a sliding crosscut table that i can set the angle on so that part is no problem. A hexagon has six sides and six corresponding angles. I need the angles in degrees for a hexagon one side is 18inches on the outside the problem i am having is in the angle of the cut and i am using a sliding miter saw which only goes from0 degrees to 45 degrees so i need help in getting the angle of the cut.

So to form a hexagon you will need to miter each piece at a 60 degree angle. Each angle is 120 degrees and the sum of the angles is 720 degrees. What degree cuts do you need to make an equal hexagon with wood.

Each angle to be cut is half the interior angle. So cut each end at a 30 degree angle. This link explains the overall degrees of a hexagon.

Set the bit of your miter saw at 30 degrees and start doing that. All i need is to set the bit to the 60 degree angle if i call the right hand side insulting play. For a hexagon its 7206 120 for an octagon its 10808 135.

How to cut wood angles for hexagons. For hexagon its 60 for hexagon its 625. I youre looking for a hexagon thats about four feet begin with a straight line drawing horizontally thats four feet long.

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