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Wet Garage Floor

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Were going to talk to fig in illinois whos dealing with a wet garage floor. It got really really humid when things started to dry out and now the floor in my garage has water pooling up on it and the driveway is wet.

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Use a vapor barrier.

Wet garage floor. Ok so heres the deal. What is best flooring over a dry concrete slabcondensation is an issue. Im also installing a new shop floor and would like to know.

The driveway is a smooth concrete floor and is attached to the house. How to fix seapage or runoff under a conrete garage. My 50 yo house attached concrete garage floor seeps quite a bit of water always in winter sometimes in summer.

Who do i call for water coming up through concrete in my garage. Why is your garage floor wet there is a liquid on it. What you have to consider is where the liquid is coming from is the a structural leak in the building allowing water to leak through when it rains is there a spring rising under the floor.

Hi catherine there are two possibilities that can cause your garage floor to be damp. Doing this will only trap water vapor inside your garage. We have a problem with our garage that happens every spring and its happening again this year.

Garage floor is wet. This never happens in the winter and weve looked and looked for a source for the water but. Water in garage concrete floor during rain.

Many times my garage and shop floors become very wet and slippery during the winter when the air temperature changes quickly from cold to warm. It has been raining off and on for a couple of weeks now but it has finally stopped. Tell us whats going on.

I am worried that the wood. Well i mean obviously its the floor the floor angle is the issue. When the winter came to spring and temperatures went warm my garage floor i have a nice concrete floor but it just turned into what seemed like a sponge because it was so wet.

What can be done to concrete floors to prevent this from happening. This is a problem for me especially in the winter since the water naturally runs over and saturates the area where the wall sits. I live in louisiana.

Proper installation of a wall vapor barrier or using insulation products with built in vapor barrier will reduce garage condensationa vapor barrier can also be used to cover the floor but avoid using it on garage ceilings. When warm humid air comes in contact with a cold concrete slab water vapor in the air can condense on the surface of the concrete in the same way that a glass with ice sweats in summer. Most garage floors are pitched sloped to the doors so that water will run out.

If thats not happening with you what you might want to think about is putting in a garage flooring system. The cement floor in the garage gets wet every day until the summer and even then it sometimes get wet. I would like to get your impressions of an idea i have been formulating to solve a problem that i have with water accumulating on my garage floor as it drips off my cars after being parked on a rainy or snowy day.

They have tiles available from a number of manufacturers that sit.

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Wet Garage
Wet Garage
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Wet Garage Floor After Rain
Wet Garage Floor After Rain
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Wet Garage Floor Winter
Wet Garage Floor Winter
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Wet Garage Floor Causes
Wet Garage Floor Causes
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