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Wenzloff Saws For Sale

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I see that the wenzloff saws at lee valley are periodically available so i assume they are still. I have sent numerous emails through the contact link on their home page and have never gotten a response.

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Wenzloff sons hand saws.

Wenzloff saws for sale. Wenzloff sons backsaws make the cut. Their website is up and works fine although very rarely are any saws available. About a decade ago pete taran started a renaissance in hand saw making with his independence saw works.

I have been trying to purchase a saw or two from wenzloff and sons for a couple years now. Please call us for any questions on our blade sales in san jose campbell salinas santa cruz watsonville morgan hill hollister santa clara gilroy milpitas sunnyvale fremont salinas the greater bay area and the monterey peninsula. There will be more items to come one saw does not a tiling job make in fact it would take about 36 of them.

Just before christmas of 2005 i announced to the online community that i was going to make my living making saws and would go live on january first 2006. Premium backsaws from wenzloff sons handmade by a small family owned company in oregon these saws are exceptionally well finished and superbly balanced with swedish spring steel blades hardened to rc52 comfortable hardwood handles and milled brass spines for heft and rigidity. Within a month i was swamped with orders.

The hand tool crowd lives and dies by the hand saw. Besides i love making saws so i kept the name wenzloff and sons and simply switched to making handmade saws. When mike wenzloff started his wenzloff sons saw company he strove for levels of perfection and excellence that put modern day european and british saw makers to shame and he has indeed held the standard even though they are the very newest kids on the saw making block.

Pete only made a few models of back saws but they were the first saws in a long time which could be reasonably compared 19th century saws. For these saws the saw plate is yet still a bit thinner than the panel saws. The wenzloff saw fits my large hand perfectly and it feels like silk.

From june 2006 popular woodworking. These saws are of an appropriate length for my stroke considering the toothing 20 for the rip and 18 for the cross cut 11 ppi rip and 12 ppi cross cut. My nostalgia and acquisitiveness have been overcome by my need.

But even for the rest of us no matter how many electrons we consume in our shops and i consume my fair share we all need a couple decent hand saws for the all too common tricky cut. So on ebay ive just posted a wenzloff sons 18 panel saw kit. The two saws i own in this category are only used on hardwoods that are on the thinner side.

If youre interested heres the listing.

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Wenzloff Saws
Wenzloff Saws
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