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Waterlox Tung Oil For Floors

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Consider waterlox a tung oil based finish. For centuries tung oil has been used for this purpose.

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Although we could use urethane we decided to use a tung oil varnish finish called waterlox waterlox products on amazon.

Waterlox tung oil for floors. Conceptually its a hybrid. And the oil varnish finish will not be as scuff resistant or as durable as the omp. Dont be fooled by the fast dry times of some companys instructions they say that the omp oil mdofied polyurethane that i use dries in 4 hours its simply not true.

Coverage cure time care and cleaning health and environmental safety waterlox is one of the older tung oil formulated brand names and is an excellent choice for someone looking for. Not a fan of polyurethane. Waterlox original sealer finish for wood floors.

Waterlox processed tung oil floor finish provides the optimum combination of beauty durability protection and ease of maintenance. The preferred finish for most flooring restoration and refinishing projects waterlox has a unique blend of tung oil and resin that penetrates deep into the wood and seals wood fibers beneath the surface. For an authentic pumpkin pine floor theres no better finish that waterlox which is a mix of tung and other oils.

Modern polyurethanes are great. They are easy to apply easy to maintain they hold up well. A compromise that allows you to protect your floors while still.

It comes out of the can an amber color that is perfect for pine floors. It penetrates the wood and if it wears all that is needed is to apply a new coat. The perfect finish for non working wood surfaces that do not require a protective film.

Let each coat dry enough to be steel wooled two days each coat. Waterlox bestows floors with a rich natural looking hand rubbed appearance that enhances the wood grain. Waterlox penetrates into the wood.

Again because our floors are only one board deep we wanted to minimize any heavy sanding. There is another option. Tung oil purists scoff at the amount of solvent in it.

Waterlox original tung oil is designed to enable the finish to penetrate and seal the wood. Repair ability over scuff resistance. Introducing waterlox pure tung oil 100 pure tung oil with no additives.

Why i chose to seal my hardwood floors with waterlox instead of polyurethane on february 24 2014 by kristi 47 i wanted to quickly share a follow up on my refinished hardwood floors and my decision to use waterlox to seal them rather than polyurethane. Problems with tung oil on hardwood floors.

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Waterlox Tung Oil
Waterlox Tung Oil
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