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Water Vs Oil Based Polyurethane

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Polyurethane is an oil based resin finish that is commonly applied to wood flooring and furniture. You can recoat them in two hours and clean your tools with water.

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As is true of most water white topcoats general finishes water based topcoats dry clear over non reactive substrates such as plastic or metal except general finishes enduro var which ambers.

Water vs oil based polyurethane. Below you can discover the pros and cons of using water based polyurethane as well as oil based and some basic information on both of these products. Ok these sample boards ive been working on. In this post ill try to help you figure out when and where each type of paint will excel so you can make the right decision.

An oil based varnish can be applied over completely dry acrylic paint with little difficulty. Water based polyurethane requires little time to dry. Im trying to show the difference in appearance between oil modified polyurethane and water borne urethane.

This allows you start your project in the morning apply all four coats and still be able to. The polyurethane type of varnish is usually the best choice for this. Oil vs latex the two paints are very different and each has their strengths and weaknesses.

Water based polyurethanes provide a clear finish and have low odor. The top potion of each picture is coated with water base and the lower portion is coated with oil base. The two images to the left show the visual difference between water base polyurethane and oil base polyurethane.

If you start early enough in the day you can apply the recommended four coats and sleep in the room that night. Should i use oil or latex paint its a question i get asked a lot. Clear satin water based floor polyurethane case of 2 is high performance polyurethane formulated with patented aluminum oxide nano technology for durable long lasting protection.

It is actually the base ingredient for both satin and semigloss finishes as well as many others. When white paint sealed with a water white topcoat is applied to something as unpredictable as wood all bets are off and the reason for yellowing is often unknown. Oil based polyurethanes finishers compare notes experiences and opinions on the comparative durability of water and oil based polyurethane topcoats.

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Oil Based Poly
Oil Based Poly
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