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Veneer Bent Lamination

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And then the finished veneer is applied. The second is a single form and a clamping block made of bending plywood and hardwood blocks.

Dining Table John Cameron Cabinetmaker

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Vintage Thonet Dark Brown Wood Veneer Coffee Table With Bent Legs

The desktops have a combination of curves with a radius anywhere between 24 and 48 inches.

Veneer bent lamination. Laminating curved objects using flexible plywood a vacuum press. The finish spec is high density plastic laminate. Minimum radii thin laminations veneer 1 then centre the assembly on the crown of the form and use the two handles to bring the component to the final position as shown in the diagram above.

First the core is glued up vacuum pressed and dried. This remarkable material also known as wacky wood or bending plywood can be easily formed into tight curves allowing the artisan almost unlimited design possibilities. Small seating bench june 23 2016.

When you cut a curve in a straight grained piece of solid wood you inevitably create weak point where the curve cuts across the grain a situation known as short grain. Process photos each piece of veneer had to be soaked in very hot water for about 2 hours to achieve the extreme bend. Creating curved furniture march 20 2018.

I drill four pilot holes through the three pieces of mdf then drive four 2 inch long screws while putting pressure down on the pieces of mdf. Best material for bent lamination. Trace the shape of the stay.

I need to make a bent lamination for these faces that are 17 wide and range from 12 to 9 tall. Since bent lamination is used only for narrow parts such as drawer fronts table legs and aprons and chair parts the form can be fairly narrow. For more information see wood bending handbook part a bending solid wood to form by edward peck and this youtube video.

A small seating bench for the hallway drawers for various items and incoming post. The sandwiched layers of mdf need to be held tightly together and screws are the perfect solution. The lamination should be versatile and allow for many orientations which can support the disc.

Replacing a bent lamination. The second issue comes down to stability. The laminate layers are sandwiched in between the clamping block and the form.

So your best bet with heavilyt curved parts is to either steam bed the material to shape or do a bent lamination. Back rail is bent lamination 20 layers of 15mm veneers to be able to make the. The drawer faces for the desk need to fallow the same curve as the desktop.

Learn when its best to saw steam bend or laminate.

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Bent Lamination
Bent Lamination
The process starts with ripping some thin
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