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Using Alcohol To Dry Wood

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The wood is very stable after it has dried. A hydrometer is one way to measure alcohol concentration.

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Even with this method if your piece has some portions that are thicker than others the thinner areas will be more likely crack.

Using alcohol to dry wood. As the concentration of alcohol in the wood goes down the drying time increases. Therefore it is useful to know the alcohol concentration of the soaking solution. Place the bowl in a paper bag after about 30 minutes of air drying.

Rubbing alcohol wood furniture. Dont be in a rush when using dnabagging methods more drying time the better. Submerge the rough turned wood into denatured alcohol bath allowing it to soak for at least 12 hours for 1 thick wood.

Drying with denatured alcohol works well. There is still a good chance of some warpage with the alcohol treatment. Drying bowls with denatured alcohol.

Its also not a bad idea to prop one side of the bowl so that air can fully circulate around the piece. The alcohol then evaporates faster than water wood accelerating the drying process. If i have 10 or more bowls at this stage i put them in the driveway so im not flooding the shop with fumes.

Lately i have not been using the alcohol on my projects. That is why woodturners pre turn the wood leaving some extra to take off on the lathe and make it round again. I was successful using the technique of drying green wood bowl blanks using denatured alcohol.

Denatured alcohol is used hence the name dna. Avoid placing wood furniture in direct sunlight the light will dry out the wood cause discoloration and accelerate the damage rubbing alcohol can inflict. Alcohol drying wont penetrate too deeply at least not fast so it might work on scales but blocks may be too thick.

Using denatured alcohol and paper bags. To date i have completed four blanks from cut log to finished bowls. Green wood drying using denatured alcohol.

You wont notice any difference in the wood characteristics. Drying green wood with denatured alcohol. Original material from more woodturning vol.

You need to make sure the wall thickness remains consistent. I have been focusing on hollow forms. Rough turned green wood.

Alcohol drying dna this method uses the alcohol to replace water in the wood. The length of time that the wood must be soaked in the alcohol is dependent upon the thickness. Remove the blank from the bath after the soak time and let it drip dry for 1 hour.

When the rh is low the piece will dry faster even when double baged the method i use. If the furniture is exposed to sunlight clean and polish the furniture at least once a week or place a table cloth over the piece to protect it. Increase the time for thicker wood.

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