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Torsion Box Shelf

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These simple to make box style shelves are designed to be painted but should you desire a wood finish shelf the process and construction is almost exactly the samea nailgun is the ideal tool for much of the assembly particularly if you are working by. After doing a bit of research this is what i came up with.

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The torsion box shelves ive made were a bit thicker than what youre making.

Torsion box shelf. For this blog well concentrate on making 8 shelves 11 wide and 47 long. The secret was torsion box construction. Shelves are a simple thing but unfortunately not always a reliable thing.

Under the pressure of books or dishes shelves flex and sag making them unsightly and unsafe. I have 21 of vertical clearance for a 10 span from wall to wall. It makes these shelves stiff and flat yet incredibly light.

Yule and sons custom woodworking here in las vegas gave a demonstration at one of our monthly meetings on how to make a torsion box. Torsion box to the rescue. To maximize storage capacity i am thinking a thin torsion box would be better than 2x4s.

The torsion box functions like a beam but is considerably lighter than a solid beam of the same size without losing much strength. Theyll be made of the mdf you see on the left side. Would this design work.

I have the old finewoodworking article by ian kirby about torsion boxes but theres no idea about loads tho it does have a picture of him sitting on the one he built. Heres some info on materials and assembly. I want to build some floating shelves for a walk in closet i would prefer that each of these shelves hold at least 150lbs each.

Though torsion boxes are often used for tabletops they make great shelves for the same reason. The thicker the torsion box the stronger it will be for example if you increase a torsion boxs thickness by 25 for example it will be 100 stronger. I plan on using pine to build these with screws holding everything together while the glue dries.

A torsion box is a simple grid of slender ribs glued between thin plywood skins. Fine points of torsion boxes a torsion box is a clever way to create a strong lightweight flat surface for shelves or worktables. You may also like hallway mirror.

The shelf will be about 9 wide and about 36 long and the box depth dont have a clue yet depends on what i hear from this request. Torsion box for floating shelves. Heres hoping someone has a quick and dirty way of calculating torsion box capacity.

I want to put a shelf above my one car garage door to store ladders and plywood. Using strips of wood for core and ply skins. This one was for a bronze sculpture display cabinet 1 poplar core strips with 34 ply on one side 14 on other.

This rigid architecture means torsion box shelves wont sag or twist and they can be mounted without any external support. These are great ways to make light weight and. A number of years ago larry of a.

The question of course is how thin can i go.

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How To Build A Torsion Box Workbench Top With Pictures Wikihow

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Torsion Box Floating Shelf
Torsion Box Floating Shelf
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Torsion Box Shelf Load
Torsion Box Shelf Load
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Torsion Box
Torsion Box
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