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Toothing Plane Iron

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Toothing planes were also used for surfacing gnarly grained woods. The irons come in coarse medium and fine and the planes find work in veneering and in finishing impossible grain.

2 5 8 X 7 3 8 Inch Moseley Toothing Plane With Marples Iron 77328

Toothing Plane Is For More Than Just Veneer By Bill Pavlak

Antique 2 Wide Toothing Plane Iron By Moore Good Condition

Flattening a panel with a toothing iron the quiet workshop.

Toothing plane iron. Whats different is that toothing plane has a serrated cutting edge instead of a smooth edge with a tiny hook like on a scraper plane. The 316 thick iron is bedded at 650 and is 1 78 wide. The grooves on the flat side of the iron become sharp teeth where the bevel side meets them at the edge.

No matter what you do. New listing vintage stanley scraper plane toothing cutter blade 28 tpi veneer iron toothed. I made the width of the plane a little too wide for the iron and the iron chatters a bit.

Flattening a glued panel of douglas fir with a toothed iron in a low angle jack plane. Also if you have any ideas where i could get a toothed iron in the states i would love to know other than scouring estate sales or as i call it unicorn hunting. The plane does work.

The grooved iron of the toothing plane sits almost vertically in the body. Toothing planes are lot like scraping planes. Stay tuned for an upcoming video where i will demonstrate using this plane and pit it against a modern toothing iron in a bevel up jack plane to compare and contrast them.

Bedded in the 60 to 90 range they excel at dealing with difficult grain as well as preparing a surface prior to veneer. The serrated or toothed iron scratches the wood instead of taking full shavings like standard plane irons do. Please read our proposition 65 warning.

Notice to residents of california. The iron is vertical. I have been looking for a toothing iron to make a plane with but i am definitely going to give this a shot.

The ece toothing plane has a beech body and with hornbeam sole. 8 34 long x 2 916 wide. One can plane from any direction thanks to the irons tooth profile and the high angle of attack typically a 750 900 bed angle.

Cleaning up the grooved surface that is left behind can be easily done with a smoothing plane or scraper. I think i will make another toothing plane but this time i will make cap for the iron to see if that reduces the chatter. Traditionally toothing planes have serrated irons bedded much higher than on a typical bench plane.

With this plane i am fortunate that everything is mating well and not interfering with the quality of cut so now im ready to get this little plane back to work.

The Period Craftsmen The Toothing Plane

The Toothing Plane A Tool Of Our Time Anthony Hay S Cabinetmaker

108 S Ece Toothing Plane My Tool Store

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Toothing Plane
Toothing Plane
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