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Toothing Plane Blade

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Now i load up the plane and take a few test cuts. Tell us what you think opens in new window or tab.

Kunz 2 Inch Toothed Plane Iron

Making A Plane Iron Into A Toothing Iron

The Toothing Plane A Tool Of Our Time Anthony Hay S Cabinetmaker

You must adjust the depth of protrusion first.

Toothing plane blade. The teeth are on the flat face so they dont interfere with sharpening at all. I grind the bevel then hone the blade up to 8000 grit on my water stones. Vintage stanley 12 cabinet veneer scraper plane wtoothing blade parts restore.

Your poor mans toothing plane is ready for use. The toothed blade is a wonderful way to take a lot of material off the board without risk of tear out. Toothed plane blades prevent tear out and are efficient wood removers how to make one.

I think the biggest issue today is the misunderstanding between the new tooth irons and what a veneering plane is called a toothing plane by others. You can then clean up the tooth marks with a flat card scraper or leave them for an interesting textured surface. The coarse toothed blade is a good choice for fast material removal while the fine toothed blade provides the best performance in densely figured wood or for leaving a finely grooved surface for veneering.

Toothing blades are sharpened exactly like non toothing irons. The youtube video on making a poor mans toothing plane. Find great deals on ebay for toothing plane.

Use appropriate sized screws to unite the two pieces slip the saw blade in place and cinch snug but not too tight. The serrated scrapping blades of the past like the veneer planes are used for just that veneering. But as planning becomes planing that initial enthusiasm can quickly devolve into step 2.

The questioning self loathing that haunts most woodworkers at one time or another. The medium toothed blade is a good general workhorse offering a compromise between speed and tear out prevention. One of my wood suppliers sent me a lot of maple rib stock that was 5mm thick its usually 2 25mm it is lovely curly wood but theres just too much of it and planing it down to thickness with my little block planes was taking me 30 40 minutes per rib which was killing my elbows.

Deneb puchalski shows us about the toothed blade. A toothing plane with its serrated cutting edge and high bed angle will plane awkward grained wood like birds eye maple without tearing. Be sure to consider a hock plane iron as the best hand plane blades made today it might be the right blade for your hand plane.

Or best offer 1295 shipping. The first was practical. Press the saw blade onto a flat surface and adjust until the teeth just protrude 1mm and tighten the screws.

With its extremely high pitched blade and serrated cutting edge the toothing plane cares little about grain direction and figure. Flatten the back grind a bevel and hone. Skip to main content.

Regardless which plane iron you select get a jump start on keeping your plane irons sharp with the highland woodworking sharpening kit for plane irons. Many restorers use the toothing plane to prepare substrates. Toothed blades for bevel up planes.

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Toothing Plane
Toothing Plane
Be sure to consider a hock plane
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