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Table Saw Dust Hood Plans

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To make things even more challenging ive got a beastly 12 ridgid sliding compound miter saw. You can build a hood for your saw from plywood and a few fittings.

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A miter saw is one of the handiest tools you can own and one of the messiest.

Table saw dust hood plans. Inexpensive plastic trays with a built in 4 port see link at bottom of page work well for saws that are open on the bottom like a contractors saw. The top of the curtain is syspended by conventional shower curtain loop and ive taped a piece of the cutoff into the top so it hangs down near the level of the saw. The chips and sawdust it creates get everywhere.

Taken from past issues of our magazine. Table saw dust hood plans 1 1 8 wood plug for woodworking. Table saw dust collection part ii.

The big window lets you see your cut at all times and neither the hood nor its support will impede your sawing. I just got a new table saw and while it does come with a 4 dust collection port its not incredibly optimized for dust collection. It is possible to build your own top pick up hood for a table saw.

My bosch saw has mediocre dust port just behind the saw which i plan to modify. The steps i refer to below may not be 100 applicable to your saw but the general idea is the same. Fits many contractor type table saws.

One lacking component was dust collection for my miter saw and if youve ever used a miter saw you know that they can kick up a cloud of dust. More often than not dust is hard to control in a wood shop. The best table saw dust hood plans free download.

Find the right plan for your next woodworking project. This dust hood helps corral the mess by giving it somewhere to gointo a dust collector or shop vacuum. I removed the restricting plate from inside the dust collector and connected the hose for the blade guard to a separate blast gate.

Tablesaw dust hood is 12 14 x 12 14 and has a 4 hose port. The table is enclosed and has a door which keeps stray duse town. In woodshop dust control sandor nagyszalanczy offers a plan for a basic unit made from supplies that youll find around the shop or at an average hardware store.

In the downloadable plans at. Adjust the height of the hood over the saw table to suit the thickness of the stock youre sawing and tighten the wing knobs. This tablesaw dust collector hood is effective as well as convenient.

The most basic dust collection that you can add to your table saw is a dust port below the blade. I moved the dust collector closer to the saw to get the most suction i could and built the manifold seen to accommodate machines on the other side as well. Regular readers know that i just finished setting up a dust management system in my workshop and im really pleased with the results.

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Table Saw Dust Hood
Table Saw Dust Hood
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