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Table Saw Belt Drive Vs Direct

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Theyre also cheaper than belt drive motors. They use universal motors the same you would find on a router and in most cases a cog belt reduces the 20000 rpm to 3450 or there abouts which gives it increased torque.

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On portable bench table saws they are not a true direct drive like you would find on a large commercial table saw or radial arm saw.

Table saw belt drive vs direct. Being lightweight quiet and smaller makes direct drive motors perfect for portable table saws like dewalt dwe7480. Not the case with a direct drive saw. On the plus side they are much quieter than saws with belt drives and they produce less vibration.

The motor can be offset away from the sawdust enabling it to last longer. Belt drive saws typically feature an induction motor and a belt that transfers power to the blade. Ive never used a belt drive saw.

Your standard run of the mill cabinet saw with a 10 blade you can get 3125 out of it and ive seen you can get well over 5 with a 1575 blade on sliding panel saws that are belt drive. Table saw buying guide. Ahone of the age old questions whats the difference between a belt drive and a direct drive turntable.

Belt drive on a table saw. This week well. What is your take on the two.

Direct drive is called that because the blade is directly connected to the motor itself so the motor is able to transfer all of its power to the blade. One would be the table saw. There are two drive types available on table saws.

Turntable basics belt drive vs direct drive. Belt drive vs worm drive. I only have and have used my little cheapy t.

Induction motors are quieter and capable of cutting denser material. By claudio vallejo on november 11 2014 3 comments. There is very little loss.

All this comes at tradeoff in comparison to belt drive motors of course direct drive motors dont produce as much power or torque. Talking over the years with other woodworkers and the topic always seems to come up about the new direct drive table saws. Belt drive is far superior to direct.

If you are looking for power and portability youll still want to stick to corded versions of the contractor saws for maximum performance. The two motors ar completely different and the belt drivews usually outlast the others by years. Direct drive and belt drive.

You see some of those old direct drive saws with a 16 blade and youre lucky to get a 4 cut out of it. The last direct drive saw ill ever own was burned up on the job by someone who pushed it way too hard cutting cedar softest wood we work with. Learn about the basic design differences between a belt drive and a direct drive turntable.

Table saws use one of two types of drive motor combinations. Youll find the direct drive on the smaller contractor and some hybrid models where the motor directly drives the saw blade. The consensus seems to be they dont like the direct drive saws.

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