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Stanley No 78

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Stanley no 78 fence stanley no 5 rabbet plane stanley no 7 stanley no 6 stanley no 4 stanley no 2 stanley no 78 plane. The iron has the sweetheart logo.

The Stanley No 78 Rabbet Plane Is Awesome Youtube

Details About Vintage Stanley Usa Sweetheart No 78 Duplex Rabbet

Stanley No 78 10 Duplex Rabbet Plane

Stanley 78 w weather stripping plane aka door rabbet plane.

Stanley no 78. This plane has two positions for the cutter. The rear position for regular work and the forward position for bull nose work such as stopped rebates. Ie there is no arching of the sole forward of the cutter.

If yer desire is to use yer 78 id suggest you do a little search for a woden w78 image sorry i couldnt find one right off almost identical to the stanley 78. This plane is nothing but the first model version of the 71. Get up to speed on this tool in just.

As with all planes it has unique nuances everyone should learn of but lets discuss the plane in general first. This is an early stanley no78 duplex rabbet plane also knows as a moving fillister plane or rebate plane. The filletster plane is simply a rebate or rabbet plane and.

New listing vintage sw stanley no. The stanley 78 is a plane i have kept turning to for 50 years because of its versatility compactness and reliable neatness. The plane is fitted with a spur an adjustable fence and.

78 10 duplex rabbet plane. 78 sunday 03 april 2011 1553 howard ruttan the stanley 78 duplex filletster and rabbet plane first produced the year my maternal grandfather was born 1885 was one of the unheralded workhorses of the stanley line and is one hand tool from which they earned a fortune. Uses the 78 frame with 78 markings no w.

The woden has a front knob that mounts wherever the blade aint easy enuf to turn on a lathe and it adds just a tad more control to the stanley 78. In overall good used condition and a good user. The anatomy of a stanley no78 rebate plane let me explain the features prerequisites for good performance and demonstrate the use of this specialist plane.

78 duplex rabbet plane with side fence rail very good. 78 duplex rabbet plane. That every workman had one in his tool chest.

Add to wish list. 8 12 long with 1 12 cutter. Time left 6d 8h left.

Only difference is a steel runner that can be attached to the centre of the sole acting as a gauge to cut weather strip rebates on both sides. When used in the usual rear position the cutter is ajdustable for depth of cut. Combines two planes into onea rabbet plane with the blade in the rear and a bullnose plane with the blade in the front.

Offered 1936 1943. It has a closed throat. 78 10 duplex rabbet plane.

Good old stanley coming up with a new model number to designate a plane that was born after the redesign of the 71. Resurrecting a stanley no.

Stanley No 78 Rabbet Plane 8 Inch Vintage Cast Iron Wood

Vintage Stanley No 78 Bull Nose Rabbit Hand Plane With Depth Etsy

Stanley No 78 Rebate Plane An Anatomy Youtube

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Stanley No 78 Plane Parts
Stanley No 78 Plane Parts
6 sales tax to total amount of
Stanley 78 Plane Parts
Stanley 78 Plane Parts
In overall good used condition and a
Stanley No 78 Depth Gauge
Stanley No 78 Depth Gauge
Sturdy steel cabinets feature metal pegboards for
Stanley No 78 Plane
Stanley No 78 Plane
A stanley no 18 knuckle cap block
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