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Stanley No 1 Plane Ebay

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For consideration is an antique stanley no. 45 combination woodworking plane tool.

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Stanley planes 3 8 plus other special purpose planes such as 45 55 113 78 10 12 type one 171 112 etc etc.

Stanley no 1 plane ebay. Stanley 113 circular plane type 1 1877 1880 5 stanley 113 circular plane type 1 1877 1880 5 1879 catalog image of stanley 113 type 1 1877 1880 2 1898 catalog image of stanley 113 type 4 and later 1 1909 catalog image of stanley 113 showing graduated scale added to interlocking gears. I will be suspending my sales for a couple of weeks beginning mid april. Double iron cutter and lever provide maximum control even over extremely rough stock.

Below you will find a tool for stanley plane identification specifically dating stanley planes and identifying the type of your stanley bailey woodworking bench hand planes. The maple handles are solid with worn finish. 90 bull nose rabbet plane stanley no.

1898 to 1969 patents 1. I should be back up around may 7th. How to identify antique stanley bailey hand plane age and type.

All parts of the plane are attached and work as intended. I have a wide variety of stanley planes and other vintage woodworking and carpentry hand tools for sale. The stanley model 12 905 bailey jack plane is designed for rapid stock removal when preparing timber before finishing.

Stay tuned for more good stuff all clean and ready to use. The plane is in very good antique condition but need a good cleaning. Justus trauts 8311897 hand y feature justus trauts 3131900 endwise screw cutter adjustment.

There are other loose pieces in the box which i am not sure about either. Adjustable throat manufactured 1. Traditional woodworkers and ebay sellers find out what your antique stanley hand plane is worth.

What year and type is your stanley bailey handplane. It has a cast iron base with precision ground sides and 9 34 long bottom. 90 bull nose rabbet plane type 1 4 1923 catalog image of n o 90 bull nose rabbet plane 2 truats 8311897 3311900 patent dates on type 1 style cutter 4.

The stanley model 12 904 bailey smoothing plane is a fine general purpose bench plane.

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Stanley No 1 Plane
Stanley No 1 Plane
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