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Stanley Block Plane Identification

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The bailey line of planes manufactured by stanley. Quickly identify your hand plane.

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Dating Stanley Planes

Some plane features visible in the pictures may not be associated with your plane.

Stanley block plane identification. Check out the plane feature timeline for a full listing of features associated with this plane type. Has probably gone through many hands and changing fortunes. Type 3 1872 1873 type 13 1925 1928 stanley appears on lever cap.

You plane appears to be a hybrid of types 8 and 9. Below you will find a tool for stanley plane identification specifically dating stanley planes and identifying the type of your stanley bailey woodworking bench hand planes. Stanley was surely not lacking in its appetite for block planes offering models and variations of models in every size and flavor imaginable.

Today end users continue to demand high quality and accuracy in their planes. The first one is a stanley bedrock. Since search phrases most frequently entered by those visiting virginia toolworks include which block plane to buy i thought it might.

And follow this link for more help. Bailey identification at virginia tool works. Install this durable stanley bailey low angle block plane for planning end grain and plastic materials.

Most of us have one or more old bench planes sitting on shelves gathering. These late model planes have improved features thicker castings. Bailey low angle block plane 12 960 the home depot.

The most notable contributor to the success of the stanley plane was the gifted tool maker leonard bailey. This isnt listed in the book i reference but every example of these early planes ive examined has it. The stanley block planes listed below are variations of similar to or evolved from the basic 9 12 stanley block plane design.

I dont have a source for identification but these are very common ive got a block plane with the made in usa marking. It never has a. Planes planes 0 there is no tool in the stanley line better known and respected than the stanley plane.

Timetestedtools english plane type study draft. 220 block plane 7 long and a type 1 dating it to 1896 1916. Each model number is linked to the entry for the corresponding plane in patrick leachs blood and gore page for which these pages may be considered a simplified index.

Stanley planes by numbers. Farnsworth below you will find a tool for stanley plane identification specifically dating stanley planes and. They could have been made by any one of the other tool makers for who knows what retailer.

118 block smooth wood plane tool woodworking. The lateral adjuster on a stanley made plane. Type 4 1874 1884 type 14 1929 1930 made in usa appears cast into type 5 1885 1888 lateral adjustment lever appears.

Nice early stanley no. Stanley english bench planes. Patricks blood and gore planes 1 8c.

A couple of pictures to spice it up. Planes and what i happen to have are. After 1885 when stanley added the lateral adjuster all stanley bailey and stanley bedrock planes had this style adjuster.

Save stanley plane identification to get e mail alerts and updates on your ebay feed. Though the iron says no. Much like a block plane is.

Trying to figure out all the models and differences is maddening. Record hand plane dating. R emember that a one hundred year old plane.

Flowchart pictures are intended to illustrate a particular plane feature at each point in the flowchart. How to identify antique stanley bailey hand plane age and type. A lot of great info already.

5 the tote is a. Smith in his two volumes devoted to the identification and segregation of antique tools particularly of the stanley planes has provided the basis for continuing interpretive work such as that presented in the stanley bench plane dating page found at jay sutherlands site. 65 low angle block plane is in pretty rough condition but far from a lost cause.

While comprehensive type studies exist for the no. This is a stanley no. Let the restoration begin.

How to identify antique stanley bailey hand plane age and type. Planes made by stanley 1902 1907. Types 1 8 and 15 20your stanley bailey handplane with zero patent dates behind the handplane frog is either type 1 through 8 or type 15 through 20.

Stanley planes did start to suck in the 1960s but the planes they made in the 1950s and before may be the best they ever made. Stanley block and hand planes planers feature compact sizes and easily adjustable cutting depths to combine comfort with control. The stanley 9 12 block plane went through a series of changes in its design over its 100 year span of production.

In my experience the most common flea market yard sale antique store etc. Since 1870 stanley planes have been the favorite of carpenters and home craftsmen alike. I got a stanley block plane in a lot of tools that i purchased recently that im trying to identify im sure someone here can help me out.

His 1867 patents for plane improvements are widely credited as the birth of all stanley type planes. Planes 9 11 12 mostly block planes with the rabbet bench planes and the now useless belting plane planes 12 20 12 scrapers more block planes and circular planes planes 21 37 everybodys favorite planes for keeping warm the flammable transitional planes. This is a stanley no.

Discover how to shop for and tune up woodworking hand planes. This plane along with my recently acquired 5 bailey jack are my only two planes at the moment. Acknowledgements the original and seminal work of roger k.

Use the plane type study or the plane feature timeline to further identify your plane. 4 6 etc is incised into the underside of the frog and the lever cap. Then get a 7 or 8 for jointing bigger stuff.

Type 2 planes made by stanley 1869 1872 baileys existing stock was moved to new britian ct after the sellout. A great compromise is this one found on the throat plate of an adjustable block plane. These pages are intended to serve as a quick reference for the model numbers of the various stanley planes.

Maybe i can get by with this block plane instead of purchasing a 4 since i already have the 5. Youre correct that they are a knockoff of bailey planes. Planes made by stanley 1899 1907.

412 long plane iron is 158 wide with the stanley logo of 1907 09. Some were showered with attention by their former owners others suffered the worst possible abuse. 1819 series of block planes there.

As far as i know stanley type irons work as do hockand ln. From block planes to bench planes and specialty planes youll learn how to get the most out of these classic woodworking tools. The size of the plane stock eg.

912 both the plane and the iron are totally different than my other 912 planes. This little stanley no. The type study is based on the 4 bench plane.

A great deal of research has been dedicated to dating stanleys bench planes over the years with type studies established for the bailey and bedrock lines as well as many of the most popular specialty planes. For more information read patrick leachs comments on stanley plane. You see these guys everywhere.

Any help identifying this block plane or advice would be appreciated. This is a stanley no. Hybrids of plane types are very common.

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Stanley Plane Identification
Stanley Plane Identification
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