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Stanley Bailey No 4 Smoothing Plane

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Planes made by stanley 1885 1888. Use the plane type study or the plane feature timeline to further identify your plane.

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Check out the plane feature timeline for a full listing of features associated with this plane type.

Stanley bailey no 4 smoothing plane. 4 sweetheart smoothing bench plane 12 136. Stanley no 4 smooth plane type 16. I needed a decent smoother but wasnt willing to buy anything i would have to import to norway due to the price doubling with the cost of transport and import duties.

That left only three choices ananti stanley handyman and stanley bailey. Also stanley type studies like this are most accurate for no. I chose the least of three evils and bought the stanley bailey.

Planes made by stanley 1874 1888. About 5 years ago or so i started to blog the truth about the stanley 4 smoothing plane being one of the best all rounder planes that could be had for under 5 via ebay. 4 stanley bailey smoothing planes.

Stanley hand tools is a brand of hand tools. Perhaps there are others who might have an opportunity to get a reasonable equivalent to a stanleybailey no. The plane does have scratches and rust including pitting.

Cutter adjusts for depth and alignment offering precise control. It has a cast iron base with precision ground sides and 9 34 long bottom. Both handles are not original but replacements.

It is a division of stanley black decker following the 2010 merger of the stanley works with black decker from the manufacturer. It features a fully machined and polished double iron cutter and lever and the 2 wide cutter is made from hardened tempered steel for durability. Stanley 4 smoothing plane prices continue to rise.

Quick release cam lock for easy iron removal. 95 original black japanning with a few tiny paint splatters. 4 wood plane smooth bottom 3 patent dates.

The stanley model 12 904 bailey smoothing plane is a fine general purpose bench plane. I paid about 119 for this plane. You plane appears to be a hybrid of types 4 and 5.

4 smoothing bench plane has a cast iron base with precision ground sides and bottom and durable epoxy coating. Some antique stanley planes that you buy will be harlequins or conglomerates of parts from different years so keep that in mind when listing a stanley hand plane for sale. This one was made in the 2nd quarter of 1941 as noted by the stamp on the iron 241.

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Stanley Bailey No 4
Stanley Bailey No 4
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