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Stanley 78 Rabbet Plane Parts

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And here you thought routers are the stuff of the modern workshop. If you look closely at the iron in the rightmost image youll notice a slot in the cap iron below the cap irons screw.

Stanley No 78 10 Duplex Rabbet Plane

Stanley 78 Fence Zeppy Io

Stanley 78 Fence Zeppy Io

Stanley planes 3 8 plus other special purpose planes such as 45 55 113 78 10 12 type one 171 112 etc etc.

Stanley 78 rabbet plane parts. 1 113 stanley 1921 circular plane asking 220. Offered 1884 1984. All items listed are complete with original vintage parts without defectsknobs and handles where applicable are free of cracks chips andor repairs.

71 router plane 7 12l 7 58 1962 on various widths 2 58lbs 1885 1973. Description of rabbet planes etc. A very good general purpose rebate plane sold in large numbers and still popular.

The shoulder plane is characterized by a cutter that is flush with the edges of the plane allowing trimming right up to the edge of a workpieceit is commonly used to clean up dadoes housings and tenons for joinery. We stock replacement blades for stanley clifton lie nielsen and other hand plane brands. However many pieces are hand wrought for a particular purpose and no reference to their use exists.

It only affected the items sold in the first week of august. The rabbet plane also known as a rebate or openside plane which cuts rabbets rebates ie. I have a wide variety of stanley planes and other vintage woodworking and carpentry hand tools for sale.

Planes scrapers spokeshaves notes. 3 113 stanley 1879 circular plane asking 180. Description click on picture for details.

My computer crashed early into the listing hence the gaps. 2 113 stanley 1936 circular plane asking 140. Plane blade replacements are available to soup up your new hand plane or invigorate an old plane.

Blades and irons are mostly full length and are either sharp ready to use or capable of being sharpened by the purchaser. This list is a guide that contains our description of each piecewe used several tool references guides and years of experience handling these tools to create these descriptions. 8 14 long with 1 12 cutter.

Stanley 78 rebate plane aka duplex rabbet filletster plane. Be sure to consider a hock plane iron as the best hand plane blades made today it might be the right blade. Like the 122 but with a tote and a two pronged leverthe rear portion of the plane is stepped in a razee fashion like the 35 is designed.

Type 1 Stanley 78 Rabbet Plane Rebate Plane

Stanley 78 Rabbet Plane Parts Ebay

The Superior Works Stanley Blood And Gore Planes 71 87

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Stanley No 78 Plane Parts
Stanley No 78 Plane Parts
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Stanley 78 Plane Parts
Stanley 78 Plane Parts
In overall good used condition and a
Stanley No 78 Plane
Stanley No 78 Plane
A stanley no 18 knuckle cap block
Stanley No 78 Parts
Stanley No 78 Parts
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