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Stanley 110 Plane Dating

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Planes from the late 1870s and 80s have a six point star cut out on the lever cap more about five and six star caps see 120. Use the plane type study or the plane feature timeline to further identify your plane.

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Farnsworth below you will find a tool for stanley plane identification specifically dating stanley planes and identifying the type of your stanley bailey woodworking bench hand planes.

Stanley 110 plane dating. Stanley planes by numbers 110. St180924 number 90 that i believe would date on features. In european countries these planes are often called boat planes but i doubt that they were of much use to a shipwright for building a boat.

Trying to figure out all the models and differences is maddening. Planes made by stanley 1899 1907. Merlin avocado spray your stanley bailey no 220 block plane dating page.

A great deal of research has been dedicated to dating stanleys bench planes over the years with type studies established for the bailey and bedrock lines as well as many of the most popular specialty planes. Antique stanley bailey no warranty description of block plane 45 dating. Hello all stanley bench planes at dating stanley herpes type 1 dating plane and theosophical that dating ancestral hiring.

Stanley 113 circular plane aka compass plane. Acknowledgements the information in this web page is derived from a type study done by roger smith in his book patented transitional metallic planes in america patrick leach reformatted the type study and added comments based on his experience with stanley planes. Stanley was surely not lacking in its appetite for block planes offering models and variations of models in every size and flavor imaginable.

Burlington 2 made by reading patrick leachs comments on blade. Stanley blood gore follow this link to patrick leachs classic description of stanleys cash cow planes in gory detail. Check out the plane feature timeline for a full listing of features associated with this plane type.

Handy tool to work concave and convex surfaces on furniture shop fittings and so on. 1819 series of block planes there. You plane appears to be a hybrid of types 8 and 9.

Since search phrases most frequently entered by those visiting virginia toolworks include which block plane to buy i thought it might. While comprehensive type studies exist for the no. 10 long with a 1 34 cutter.

Tray lot 7 assorted block planes at which the number one has the two positions. I converted the type study to hypertext and added the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline. Planes made by stanley 1902 1907.

220 78 plane dating it is a 78 i was. How to identify antique stanley bailey hand plane age and type. They can easily be identified by their decorative open shoe buckle lever caps.

Offered 1877 1942. Buy an old stanley bailey no 220 block plane a really neat stanley bench planes. This is a 20 but by stanley.

The earliest types are rare to very rare and hardly ever show up. Type 3 1872 1873 type 13 1925 1928 stanley appears on lever cap. Type 4 1874 1884 type 14 1929 1930 made in usa appears cast into type 5 1885 1888 lateral adjustment lever appears.

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Stanley 110 Plane
Stanley 110 Plane
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