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Stain Rags Spontaneously Combust

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Photo courtesy of josh hansman last summer the story of a fire caused by stain rags spontaneously burning caught my attention although. Drying oils especially linseed oil raw or boiled are the only finishing materials that spontaneously combust.

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These include danish oil and oil based stains.

Stain rags spontaneously combust. When dave pulled into the driveway he discovered the fire. Oily paint rags can spontaneously combust. Never store rags in a pile.

This is because these oils do not dry like paint through the evaporation of a solvent or water. This led me to a video from abc showing the spontaneous combustion of some rags placed in a cardboard box. A threat that can be prevented.

When the first nice day of spring came to the boston suburb of natick massachusetts jeffrey cullen and his pal dave got out the wood stain brushes and rags to stain the front porch of daves house. With linseed oil and other oils used to finish wood including some exterior deck sealers and wood stains heat is generated during the drying process. The can of oil based stain they used had a warning that rags soaked with the stain may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded.

You need to be aware that a number of finishing products we use contain linseed oil. The combination of heat oxygen and the cloth can lead to spontaneous combustion which results in a fire that could destroy your home. Spontaneous combustion of oily rags occurs when rag or cloth is slowly heated to its ignition point through oxidation.

The simple way to deal with oil finishes and oil based stains that could spontaneously combust is to drape the rags over the edge of a trash can until the rags dry. If theyre thrown into a pile oxygen is trapped underneath. Spontaneous combustion in the wood flooring industry most commonly comes from two causes.

Because they were hungry and had errands to run jeffrey a senior video producer at consumer reports and dave put off cleaning up. In just over three hours they had self ignited. Stain rags or shown here bags of wood floor dust.

Oil based paints and stains teak and linseed oils varnishes and polyurethane paint thinners etc. Linseed oil spontaneous combustion is a real danger for homeowners. As oily rags begin to dry heat is produced.

Two hours had gone by since they tossed the soaked rags in a pile next to the paint tray. Used rags should be spread out in a safe flat area to dry. Then throw them in the trash.

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