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Spraying Pre Cat Lacquer With Hvlp

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Painting and finishing projects are quick and easy with this affordable solution for larger spray jobs. Spray gun has 14 air inlet 2 speed trigger control and spray pattern control knob on side of gun.

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Spraying pre cat lacquer with hvlp. We started calling this lathe frankenlathe because there were times when it seemed to have been cobbled together from parts of several different machines. Rob was curious about whether you spray finishes in last weeks ezine editorial and boy oh boy do you folks have plenty to say about it on one side of the spray gun debate or the other editor some of you love spraying or you spray on occasion with caveats editor i dont know why people shy away from spraying a finish. I dont think there are any pre cat solutions in wb or sb that will compare to a 2k urethane.

Traditionally cabinets have been painted using a oil based product or sometimes an exterior paint is used. However there are a number of waterborne 2k urethanes and some 3k urethanes that will provide the same chemical and abrasion resistance. We recently had a reader email into the survival cache team with a couple suggestions for articles hes like to see those types of emails are always welcome by the way.

The search for the perfect waterborne cabinet paint is over. How to apply general finishes enduro var water based topcoat general finishes enduro var is an oil modified water based topcoat and only adheres well over water based stains dyes and raw wood. Hed mentioned one specific item hed like to see gone over.

As is true of most water white topcoats general finishes water based topcoats dry clear over non reactive substrates such as plastic or metal except general finishes enduro var which ambers. In the search for a better cabinet grade waterborne finish my company jhc recently started using sw kem aqua plusits rare that i get excited about a new coating like this but i am very pleased with the results we have been getting with this paint. Our crew at red truck painting performs several cabinet painting projects in rochester every year.

Gravity feed hvlp spray gun. He wrote another article id like to see ifwhen you and your team get the time is something on gun coatings. If you have an air compressor you can use a low cost.

When white paint sealed with a water white topcoat is applied to something as unpredictable as wood all bets are off and the reason for yellowing is often unknown. We have learned from experience to only use the toughest enamels on these surfaces. It will adhere over an oil based stain only if the stain is completely dry minimum 4 days dry time.

Spraying Pre Cat Lacquer With Hvlp

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