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South American Mahogany Vs African Mahogany

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African mahogany is used for. South america see other names for more botanical name.

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By this time mahogany from cuba haiti and other west indian sources had become increasingly difficult to obtain in commercial sizes and by the late 20th century central american and even south american mahogany.

South american mahogany vs african mahogany. In 1907 the total of mahogany from all sources imported into europe was 159830 tons of which 121743 tons were from west africa. There are other true mahoganies besides those that grow in central and south america. But not from the same family as honduras mahogany.

Mark mcc whats the difference between the two. African mahogany became the most available and affordable substitute. The two can appear similar.

South american mahogany heartwood ranges from light to dark reddish brown in color. It would be either african mahogany khaya ivorensis or more likely sapele mahogany entandrophragma cylindricum. Instruments made in asia with mahogany are made from african mahogany.

One way to distinguish the two african mahogany has no obvious smell. But have a similar skin and tone for instruments. South american mahogany vs african mahogany.

The distinction lies beyond geography in the genus classifications. I did that before i made this thread and the most i could find is a sentence or two saying gibson used to use south american mahogany and switched to african mahogany and that the lighter pieces of african mahogany from the top of the tree are the best. Do they work or finish up very differently.

Weight is about 34lbs to 40lbs per cu. Dark colored gun or white deposits commonly occur in the pores. Honduras mahogany african mahogany.

African mahogany is a viable alternative for many mahogany applications. South american mahogany goes by many names yet perhaps its most accurate and telling name is genuine mahoganynot to be confused with cheaper imitations such as philippine mahogany swietenia macrophylla is what most consider to be the real and true species when referring to mahogany now grown extensively on plantations south american mahogany lumber is widely used in flooring fine. Thanks mark in whitby.

Is sa the same as hondurancuban. In fact african mahogany is just as much part of the meliaceae mahogany family as the central and south american species. Its texture is medium to coarse and uniform.

Also known as honduran mahogany genuine mahogany is scientifically the swietenia macrophylla one of two species that are part of the swietenia genus. Grain is straight to interlocked. African mahogany has been on the us market for a long time but its use dramatically increased after 2003 when south american mahogany swietenia macrophylla was listed in cites convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

Sapele has a nice aroma so smell the inside of the guitar at various times of the day depending on hotcolddryhumid. Honduran genuine mahogany is part of the swietenia genus while the. African mahogany is a fake mahogany the cientific name is khaya anthotheca is another wood type.

I am making two end tables and am looking to get a more formal look.

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