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Soldering Cast Iron Repair

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Soldering is appropriate for joining many types of metal including cast iron. Pressure of 175 psi.

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Super alloy 5 is an aluminum repair rod that brazes aluminum at half the melting point of aluminum with any torch.

Soldering cast iron repair. Other alloys are used for plumbing mechanical assembly and other applications. Soft soldering is a process for joining parent metal pieces with a filler material that melts at a lower temperature than the parent metal. Farm equipment engine repair and maintenance.

In electronics assembly the eutectic alloy of 63 tin and 37 lead or 6040 which is almost identical in melting point has been the alloy of choice. Brazing resembles a combination between soldering and welding. Copper repair clamps for 1 to 6 copper lines permanent pipe leak repair.

Professional table saw features a powerful 13 amp motor for speeds up to 3450 rpm. The cast iron tables milled and polished surface minimizes vibration and provides a flat level surface for trouble free cutting. Make fast easy reliable repairs in copper lines under pressure with b s copper repair clamps.

This compressor delivers 155 cfm at 90 psi with a max. Features an oil lubricated twin cylinder 2 stage cast iron pump powered by a 5 hp motor thats mounted on an 80 gallon tank. 1 cast iron welding flux promotes deep penetration of the joints resulting in high bond strength.

The filler metal melts at a much lower temperature than the cast iron allowing it to form a bond. This ridgid 10 in. Cast iron welding flux is often used in the following applications.

Soldering filler materials are available in many different alloys for differing applications. Oxyacetylene mapp gas natural gas oxy mapp or propane. The resulting bond is stronger than the parent metal 30000 psi and can be bent drilled anodized machined plated tapped or threaded.

With superior services our premiere loyalty program and cutting edge technology solutions we provide you with what you need in order to set your business apart from others. Brecko corporation based in abilene texas is a united states distributor for magna welding alloys the most advanced alloys specifically designed for the maintenance welding industry. Brazing cast iron is a process that involves joining 2 pieces of cast iron using a non ferrous filler metal.

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