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Shellac To Seal Wood

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Getting a beautiful woodworking finish with shellac. Fine furniture items can be greatly enhanced with shellac.

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That being said there are some drawbacks to using shellac as a final wood finish.

Shellac to seal wood. There are two main reasons i use shellac for my wood bowls. Apply the shellac in bands. Shellac does not hold up well to heat or water.

Shellac using a brush to cut in corners and edges. Unless you thin shellac a good deal it has a tendency to ridge at the edge of brush strokes and orange peel when sprayed. Apply shellac to 2 or 3 board widths at a time laying the product down in a smooth even brushing motion.

Apply shellac to main body of the floor using a lambs wool applicator following the grain of the wood. Amber shellac provides the same clarity but it also adds warmth to light colored woods such as pine or oak. A shellac finish allows you to view the wood detail with remarkable clarity.

Shellac can be applied by brush or wiping cloth and three thin coats will serve as a moisture resistant sealer. A nice light coat of dewaxed shellac is a suitable sealer coat for pretty much any finish. Apply the shellac to the wood.

Get your sponge as saturated with shellac as possible before beginning your application. It can be affected by heat white rings will appear under a hot bowl or mug or chemicals so a kitchen table might not be the best place to use it. Some will tell you to use it as a barrier coating to seal in a coating with problems.

The first purpose for using shellac for wood bowls is to seal and shore up loose end grain and trouble areas. I have used shellac as a sealer for pre cat lacquer many times with great results. If all this isnt enough to make you question the wisdom of using shellac as a sealer when you dont have one of the problems mentioned consider that shellac is a relatively difficult finish to sand.

Shellac is non toxic can be used as a sealer before applying a stain can be mixed with nearly any color and is easy to repair in the event of damage from use. Load the brush with shellac. Shellac as a sealer.

Be sure to maintain a wet edge as you apply each band working quickly across each face of the wood one band at a time. In addition to adding a protective coat it also can add a warm amber color to wood. Shellac uses for wood bowls.

Shellac should be applied in long smooth strokes following the grain of the wood to ensure an even application. Just to be safe its always a good idea when trying some new combination to test adhesion. Dip the brush into the bucket of shellac and press it gently against the side of the bucket to remove the excess.

Wood end grains on a wooden bowl can sometimes become problematic and punky. Some finishers suggest it for coating over silicone contamination to seal the fisheyes in others will tell you to use it as the sealer for water base coatings to prevent the wood grain from raising before the water base coatings are applied. Apply a coat of 2 lb.

Shellac is usually applied with a sponge to maintain the wet edge.

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