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Shellac Hardening Time

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Also my floors are hard as rock finished. Note that you can wax any shellacked floor for a deeper shine and added wear resistance.

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Drying time for french polish shellac a rule i follow with any varnish is the thumb print test where you press your thumb firmly into the finish for 20 seconds.

Shellac hardening time. Do not apply when rh is greater than 85 or when temperature is within 10o of the dew point. The rest just needs cleaning esp since it softens in summer and fleece blankets left some fuzz behind. Appreciate the date printed on the can.

Its over 100 yrs now. As far as the cure time if you allowed a day drying time between coats of shellac it would cure enough in a week to rub out. Apply the shellac at container consistency and let dry for 2 hours.

Thanks for the time and any advice or direction. If i have any left from the batch that i currently have in 2 years i will apply some to some scrap and report back. Ill hazard a guess that the hvlp is applying too much finish causing the drying woes if that makes any sense.

Bulls eye shellac is not recommended for use in areas where surface heat exceeds 160of 71oc. Did they do something special for that hard finish. Use a brush dampened with denatured alcohol shellac thinnerto go over the drawers.

If you applied all five coats in one day i believe i would give it two weeks to rub out. It is shellac but everyone now says it doesnt last. I picked up the 6 to 12 month rule from other users as a rule of thumb.

If there is a print when you remove your thumb it gets hung to dry further. Sand the floor with 120 to 200 grit paper and remove all dust. I have only used shellac for the first time in the last year.

As to not curing the other guys are right shellac usually dries to the touch in a few minutes. Apply 2 to 3 coats of paste wax and buff between coats to a deep gloss. Either the shellac you used was old it can get that way or there was something already on the drawers to interfere with the normal drying action of the shellac.

If you use a random orbital sander on the finish it would scratch the finish so badly it would be necessary to put another coat on. Warmer temperatures will accelerate and colder temperatures will prolong the dry time of this product.

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