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Sharpening Jointer Knives In Place

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I came across a fine woodworking 3 minute clip showing how to sharpen jointer knives in place. Johns in place jointer knife honing method.

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Sharpening jointer knives on the machine.

Sharpening jointer knives in place. Canadian woodworker hendrik varju has been unhappy with the results hes seen from commercial sharpening outfits and decided to devise his own method for sharpening jointer knives in place without. Sending out your jointer knives for sharpening is not only inconvenient it could be a gamble. Good tip on sharpening knives in place people say i hammer like lightning.

Also re setting the new knives in the jointer is a time consuming and tedious job. Continue rotating the cutterhead forward. Another view of the tensionstop setup.

So hendrik varju came up with a way to sharpen jointer knives without removing them from the cutterhead. Hand sharpening jointer knives i have in the past tried resharpening jointer knives on a stone by hand but without much luck. It consists of steps something like rob uses on his planes but with a little wood jig to hold the cutter head in place as one produces a micro bevel on the knives.

Its not that im fast its that i never hit the same place twice. The very small land left makes it easier to hone with the diamond plate from time to time. Place another mark on the fence in the center of the two lines photo 2.

Now remove the ruler and measure the distance between the two marks. Repeatability from blade to blade is paramount. There are existing holes in the head so i use a bungee and a piece of 18 brass brazing rod to tension the blade against the stop.

Sending jointer knives out for sharpening is inconvenient and the results are not always great. When the knife stops moving place another mark on the jointer fence at the top edge of ruler. The steel is too hard and too much material had to be removed for the stone to make much of a difference within a reasonable amount of time spent sharpening.

So the whole point of that is to restore the edge and retain both concentricity and balance presuming the blades were carefully installed in balance originally but not to simply sharpen.

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