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Sanding Epoxy Resin Between Coats

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Yes i know most cure fully in 24 hours. Sanding between coats of epoxy.

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If you use sanding resin for laminating and then hotcoat with sanding resin you will most likly have adhesion problems between those two coats.

Sanding epoxy resin between coats. It will look a mess until you pour the second layer and then itll look great. People have recommended sanding it between coats. Sanding resin on first coat.

Dont use rags they may contaminate the surface. Ive been piling layers of epoxy on my walnut telecaster trying to get rid of the pores. Applying a second coat.

As long as the second coat can flow into all areas it will fill in and become as one coat. But you want them to harden and that takes a while. You can sand with 80x and clean up with mineral spirits.

Filling gaps in wood using turquoise inlay with sand and epoxy. Is that really necessary. Sanding or hotcoat resin is made by adding a surfacing agent to the resin.

I have a question. The sanding provides some tooth to the first coat so the second layer will adhere properly. Wet sanding epoxy west system.

The rest of them sanding between coats will insure that one coat will bond to the previous coat. Some finishes like lacquer and shellac the finish will literally melt into the previous coat. If you spray a guitar the finish will follow the existing surface so pores will tend to show through successive coats.

This video shows what happens when you sand an epoxy resin 11 finish with 1000 grit sand paper and you will see me beat it up a little which hopefully helps you in your adventure. But it might have cured in a couple of days with just a little hardner. Applying a second coat of art resin clear epoxy to your.

Heres the reason i ask. Sanding 2 part epoxy resin. Follow with an electrostatic dust cloth such as a pledge grab it.

Bigdguitars 87102 views. On finishes like that its unnecessary for bonding reasons to sand between coats. To prepare the surface for subsequent epoxy coats or painting wipe the dry surface with a paper towel to loosen any remaining debris and then sweep it with a bench brush.

Just wait for it to fully cure and harden in a couple of days. Obviously you need to wait until the first layer and patch are 100 cured before adding more resin on top. This allows the hotcoat to be sanded.

Yes it sands well. I understand you are having trouble believing this try it on a sample piece with gouges and scratches then re coat. You might even have adhesion problems between your laps.

The scratches will disappear with the second coat. I used to work with epoxy regularly.

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Sanding Epoxy Resin
Sanding Epoxy Resin
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