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Sandblasting Setup Diagram

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Can now set up our blasting equipment. You get sand in places you didnt even know existed youve got a hot hood over your head for the duration breathing is difficult with or without respirator and its slow going no matter what equipment you have to do the job.

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Norton sandblasting equipment supplies parts and accessories for the 15 35 65 10 and 20 cuft.

Sandblasting setup diagram. Water separator trap removes water from the air as air flows through the regulator not all regulators have this feature pressure gauge reads pressure of air being delivered from the regulator to the tool pressure regulator reduces the pressure of the air from the storage tank and keeps it constant regardless of storage tank pressure which. This cabinet has its own legs so it wont sit on a table and. So if youre looking to make your own pressure pot sandblaster i included this video to show you an example of the anatomy of how its setup.

Schmidt portable blaster parts diagrams. Our easy set up guide for sand and shot blasting equipment also check out our pdf guide to blast cleaning. Sandblasting equipment tutorial set up guide.

It only needs a sandblaster hose input which will go where the arrow is pointing and a vent flange like the one on the other cabinet. Schmidt portable sand blasters. Position the compressor upwind from the work area so that airborne grit does not enter the cooling or air intake systems.

Sandblasting is the most distasteful part of the restoration process i can think of. Setting up a sandblast system. The air compressor is a machine to take atmospheric air at 147 psi and compress it to a pressure several times higher usually about 120 psi.

The power units lubrication system also depends on the compressor being level. An efficient abrasive blast system. So in words you have a tank filled with abrasive of your choice and it gets pressurized with air.

Our new sandblast cabinet is larger and has a more detailed setup. The compressor provides high pres sure air for the blasting operation. The compressor should be level so that the oil and moisture separators can function effi ciently.

Select your equipment from the menu on the right to identify the parts you need.

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Sandblasting Setup
Sandblasting Setup
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