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Rune King Thor Powers

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But i like your facts and where they come from at sirspidey. In this battle article i had rune king thor pitted against superman prime.

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The power of world breaker hulk rune king thor god hercules part 2 of 4 rune king thor duration.

Rune king thor powers. I love thor but everyone at soratoumiga just listed would beat rune king thor. Rune king thor is still under the very beings such as the living tribunal. Power sources odin force.

Rune king thor thor odinson is a marvel comics character part of asgardians. The ancient magical force handed down to thor when he replaced odin as the king of asgard. Rune king thor is an elder god above all other skyfathers.

I love thor but base thor cannot beat galactus. Why establishes versus thread when one character rune king thor got a hand full of abilities while other beerus doesnt possess nearly as much series is just beginning to progress into another arc but still to early to tell. Who do you choose the win.

Rune king thor is also under omnipotent beings such as the one above all and pre retcon beyonder. Rune king thor isnt on par or above with entities such as eternity and infinity. Sure he nearly killed a starving galactus but then again odin lost to galactus and the last time i checked odin wrecked thor.

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Thor Powers
Thor Powers
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