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Rub On Poly Vs Brush

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When applying polyurethane on vertical surfaces you may experience drips or runs. I read an article the other day that addresses the bubble issue.

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Then ill thin 5050 poly with mineral spirits and wipe on 3 more coats which dry faster easier to apply and are more even however thats after i already have a heavy.

Rub on poly vs brush. November 28 2017 by scott. Spray polyurethane rather than brush for professional looking diy furniture. I love the results of poly but am about to finish a large bed and am weary of the potential.

Then i gently dust the piece. Do not sand the final coat of polyurethane. Minwax wipe on poly is a durable clear finish that combines polyurethane protection with classic hand rubbed beauty.

It explained how the cut on the end. Applied with a cloth no need to worry about drips and brush marks. I wish i had seen your tutorial before i put top coat on my table.

Some polys also come in aerosol spray cans. As for getting it smooth rubbing it down with steel wool or wet sanding between coats will get you better results. If its poly ill brush first 2 coats foam brush i dont get bubbles which build up more than a wipe on version sand 400 grit in between to knock off any high spots.

It is the most accurate method as you can control exactly where the polyurethane goes. Every poly has its preferred applicator typically a brush or cloth. I tried using the wipe on poly but in my area people arent as knowledgeable and cant give some guidance.

Only sand in between coats of polyurethane. Using a brush to apply the polyurethane finish to furniture or wood is the oldest method available. I usually use the satin poly with a sponge brush followed by copious amounts of 220 sandpaper scraping and general swearing when i later discover a run i missed and was wondering how the rub on stuff stacked up.

So since it wasnt quite working out i did the brush on poly instead. This method should be used if you are applying a small amount of polyurethane in a small area. People have been doing this for many years.

Its best to apply polyurethane to flat as in level surfaces so the finish can self level and is less likely to drip. I dont rub the tack cloth on the piece i almost allow the tack cloth to hover over the piece. Posted by steve bennett on april 8 2011 at 1146am in kreg jig purchasing.

Just curious to hear some opinions on minwax rub on poly vs their standard oil based. Brush on polys work best on flat surfaces where its important to build up a durable film. Minimize this problem by applying thinner coats or by switching from standard brush on poly to a wipe on or spray finish both of which can be applied in very thin coats.

Brushes hold a lot of finish so you can cover a wide area each time you load them up. Wipe on poly vs brush on.

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Rub On Poly
Rub On Poly
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