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Roxul Insulation Vs Fiberglass Insulation

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In the world of insulation most industry insiders have an opinion on fiberglass versus roxul. As i am sure you already know insulation is one of the key factors in creating a pleasant energy efficient and comfortable home which also has more value than an uninsulated house.

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But roxul a brand of mineral wool insulation is starting to gain serious traction in the market.

Roxul insulation vs fiberglass insulation. The largest room will accommodate two layers of r15 in the ceiling which will well insulate the main part. Roxul does not give me a rash with fiberglass insulation you have to cover complete up gloves long sleeves etc. As well fiberglass is lighter and will puff out roxul will stay crushed.

The five reasons i picked roxul rock wool over the pick fiberglass insulation. The average house fire is about 1100of meaning rockwool can stand up to most dangers within a house fire and give you time to get out. Foam insulation the upstairs bathrooms and ceilings in christians old farmhouse are being insulated with roxul insulation bats made for either ceilings or walls which have r values of 23 and 15.

What is the difference between roxul and owens corning this entry was posted on february 9 2016 by johnpaul. The most common name you can find mineral wool going by in the states is rockwool formerly roxul. So you can see roxul beats the pink insulation and total blows away the spray foam insulation polyurethane and polystyrene foam.

Fiberglass while its very simple to install has some definite shortcomings in the insulation game that might make you want to give mineral wool a look. Both are good but you want the heavier roxul for sound insulation and the lighter puffy fiberglass for heat insulation. The boiling point of a more common fiberglass insulation can average between 1000 1300of 5377 7044oc.

I use it in walls floor and ceilings definitely works. Roxul comfortbatt helps keep the outside outside and to keep your home warm in the. The sound control and roxuls normal insulation are actually the same product but the sound control is ratedcertified for sound insulation and the other has been ratedcertified for insulating.

Fiberglass or pink insulation is the most commonly used type. Roxul is by far better than fiberglass for sound. Insulation rockwool vs fiberglass in the past ive been using roxul rockwool but i got a delivery of fiberglass by mistake and i am thinking hmmm maybe i ought to get this stuff taken back and get my roxul.

Also fiberglass is full of glass fibers and you should wear a mask roxul is safer in that respect.

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