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Router Table Jointer Bit

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Photos 1 and 2 there are a number of suitable carbide straight cutters for jointing on the router table. Youll remove 116 with each pass and leave a perfectly straight square edge.

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With special bits available on the market it only takes a few minutes to turn a router table into a dedicated jointer.

Router table jointer bit. Yes it sure can. On a flush trim bit the bearing and cutter diameter are exactly the same. If you want to glue the edges of boards together to make larger panels you need the edges to be square.

Repeat the procedure with a second board and the two pieces can be glued together without a gap anywhere. So the bearing can ride on or trace one surface and the cutter will remove anything that projects past that surface. In fact using a router table as a jointer is a favorite money saving alternative to owning a dedicated jointer.

Consult your bit manufacturer for the exact speed. Then turn on the router and move the board across the table from right to left. We recommend reducing router speed for 1 or larger diameter bits.

Make your router think its a jointer. This is easy if you have a jointer but you can get the same results with a woodworking router. All you need to edge joint on your router table is a fence with an offset in it and a carbide straight bit.

Safe operation requires a router table fence bit guard dust collection system starting pin or fulcrum and speed reducer for large diameter bits. How to use your router table as a jointer. In most cases it is best to offset the infeed fence as this will give a cleaner edge when running the wood passed the router bit.

Using a router table as a jointer is a good option if youre working in tight quarters or on a tight tool budget. Also a good router table can joint rough edges of abrasive materials such as mdf which is something that cant be done with most regular jointers without damaging the cutters in particular with the ones with steel knives. 12 flush trim bit.

Set the bit high enough to trim the entire edge of the board in one pass. Can a router table be used as an edge jointer. For more on using your router table as a jointer see this article.

The main drawback is the time it takes to get the fence set up with the correct offset. In order to use the router table as a jointer it is important that you offset the routers fences so that they are uneven.

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Router Table Jointer
Router Table Jointer
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