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Reverse Electrolysis Of Water

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For rust removal the rusty part cathode is placed in a bath electrolyte along with another chunk of metal anode. Page 1 of tag reverse electrolysis.

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Since the enthalpy h upv the change in internal energy u is then du dh pdv 28583 kj 372 kj 2821 kj this change in internal energy must be accompanied by the expansion of the gases produced so the change in enthalpy represents the necessary energy to accomplish the electrolysis.

Reverse electrolysis of water. The basics of electrolysis arent extremely complicated. Reverse electrolysis can be used to put rust on ferrous metal. As with anodizing the very same electrolytic principle is at work but the polarity of contacts is reversed.

Rusty patinas can be deposited upon shiny new automotive or mechanical parts to make them match the look of old engines or original machinery. Im curious if there is a way to combine hydrogen and oxygen to form water in a way that is as simple as electrolysis of water. This usually occurs when an electric current passesthrough water.

Water electrolysis is a decomposition of water into a hydrogen andoxygen gas. But my thoughts were that if electricity could be used to remove rust it could also be used to create rust. Ancient origins articles related to reverse electrolysis in the sections of history archaeology human origins unexplained artifacts ancient places and myths and legends.

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Reverse Electrolysis
Reverse Electrolysis
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