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Removing Pop Rivets With Drill

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How to remove pop rivets without a drill. A blind rivet is removed with a power drill by drilling on the hollow part of the rivet head until it comes off the shank.

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A less expensive approach to removing rivets is to use your power drill and an ordinary drill bit.

Removing pop rivets with drill. Attach the rivet remover to a drill. If you dont have a drill you can cut the head off with a sharp chisel since the rivet material is typically aluminum a very soft metal. Place the tip of the tool between the material and the rivet head and tap it with a hammer until.

Remove rivets with a rivet removal tool. How to remove a pop rivet. The mandrel which is inserted on the opposite side of the riveted material and through the rivet body consists of a mandrel head and a shaft that features a breakaway notch.

The other options would be cutting torching or grinding it out. Purchase a rivet removal tool with the appropriate sized drill bit and guide. If you have a smooth rivet head place the point of a small center punch in the center of the rivet head and strike it with a hammer.

That procedure can be problematic if the rivet begins to turn with the drill bit. Answer the most common way to remove a pop rivet is to drill it out. Only once the rivet has been removed can you apply a new pop rivet properly to secure the pieces.

Position the leading end of an aluminum flat file directly over the pop rivet. The rivet tool may come with an assortment of guides and bits or you may have to purchase extra accessories for the type of rivet you wish to remove. Removing the pop rivets is actually very easy.

You can remove a pop rivet without a drill by using the proper tools and basic do it yourself skills. You will simply need a drill and drill bit capable of drilling through metal. We suggest using needle nose pliers to pull the excess out of the application.

Set includes guides and drill bits to remove many 18 532 and 316 rivets. Tool accepts cobalt and hss threaded bits. Simply attach rivet remover to a drill not included slide one guide and drill bit into tool adjust drill depth to remove only the rivet head and drill away.

Examine the rivet head. The same can be done by using a flat head screwdriver or chisel and a hammer. How to remove a pop rivet without a drill.

Some heads have small indentations in the center while others have a smooth head.

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