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Red Oak Burl Value

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Red oak lumber for sale at ohio woodlands. Is this a root burl and will it be worth it to process it.

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Can be used for wood working and woodturning.

Red oak burl value. Ohio woodlands offers burl lumber and wood for sale. Hi i have a giant white oak that i must have taken down due to a lightning striketree is 9 12 feet in diameter and 100ft tall at least. Red oak flitches red oak wood.

Jared coldwell red oak lumber. This not always the case as i recently milled a white oak log that was so full of burl that almost the entire log had it throughout and was solid with no bark inclusions. So largest is pretty large.

I wanted to get wbs input before he tried to dig this one out. A friend of mine believes that he has a red oak root burl and sent me a few pictures. Pieces weigh 6 lbs to 55 lbs.

Great burly figured wood fro sale. Red oak boards for sale at ohio woodlands. Burly walnut lumber on sale.

The sapwood is creamy white with brown streaks. The grain is incredible colors range from traditional blonde oak to reads. The common use for amboyna is interiors for luxury vehicles turnery cabinets veneer and furniture.

I was recently given a very large red oak burl its about 4 ft high and 6 ft wide i didnt measure the diameter but its about 6 ft wide just wondering what the value of something like this. The point is the bottom of tree im told is valuable due to a big bulge on the bottom 3 4 feet of the treea carver once told me it was of great value the bulge part if u will for carving purposes and highly desirable do u know anything about. Burl wood for sale at ohio woodlands.

I have 6 pieces of burled oak tree cuy from my back yard tree fell. The amboyna is usually a deep red although the more rare moudui burl is the same species but the color is from golden yellow to yellow orange. Salvaged red oak lumber for sale.

If you can let the buyer supervise the cutting up of the tree. Padauk trees are quite common but burl wood is rare. Burly walnut cherry osage orange lumber on sale.

Great prices on burl wood. Live edge red oak lumber for sale. This was a 24 x10 or 60 cm x 25 m log.

Ive read tyhat burled oak is rare and im curious how rare and what the pieces might be worth. If you absolutely need to cut up the burl you risk losing lots of its value. Oak for instance is not normally worth the time but ash and cherry normally mill out solid.

Tree burls causes and value. Burl is large and i had to cut up to remove it.

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Red Oak Burl
Red Oak Burl
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