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Re Lacquer Saxophone Cost

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Be the first to review buescher big b alto saxophone 298875 relacquer low price cancel reply. The silver plating can be around 225 to 40000 depending on the size.

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Re lacquering comes in different prices.

Re lacquer saxophone cost. Use a soft wire brush to remove stuck on lacquer. Relacquering got a bad reputation in the past due to over enthusuastic buffing to remove all the scratches which if they were deep often removed too much metal i read somewhere that the us sax factories had the apprentices do the buffing on big polishing wheels so care and attention were sometimes lacking. If you study this guide carefully you will know enough to identify whether a selmer is original or relacquered with more certainty than was possible before this guide.

Most lacquer will flake off into the bathtub while soaking but there is usually a small amount that will need to be stripped away by hand. The lacquer can be a re lacquer meaning that somebody thought the original lacquer was in such bad condition that the horn would be improved by cleaning it up and re applying lacquer. Learning about vintage selmer lacquer identification is not really part of saxophone repair so this is not a question that your local repair shop is likely to answer reliably.

Re lacquers can look okay from a distance and like an earl scheib paint job are guaranteed for 4 years or less. Your email address will not be published. Dry the instrument with a lint free cloth or allow it to air dry.

I have 650 in it and cant even get that out of it now so dont get in over your head on a c melody. You have to make sure that it has no leaks and that it doesnt need an overhaul. Spray or brush the lacquer in a thin layer onto all outside parts of the instrument.

You can find nice conns needing only pads for around 300 on ebay and you may find a buescher with a decent silver plate needing a a pad job for less than that. It is possible to do a proper re lacquer. Much of this is due to buffing as well as the new coat of lacquer applied to the saxophone.

This post is part of a special column titled ask a saxophone repairman with answers supplied by our resident repair whiz matt stohrer of stohrer music. Martin lacquer was never the most durable and it does tend to wear off. By the time your horn needs relaquering the likelyhood is that otherthings are at issue as well that you are quite possibly compensating for.

Great deal hiscox king lacquer ligature mark vi martin mc gregory meyer mint condition mouthpiece new nyusa original finish original lacquer otto link selmer silver plate soprano student. Saxophone repair is a complicated business depending not only on the skill of the repairer but on the reality of the situation at hand. The results of a re lacquer tend to be like the results of an earl sc heib paint job thats a recent commercial it used to be 4995.

A saxophone that was relacquered well will still maintain much of the engraving see picture 1 but the engraving on an instrument that was more heavily buffed will appear faded see picture 2. Ive had this discussion with others so heres my take on it as a repairman flute playernot sax and someone who has relaquered many horns. Other nickel plating can vary in price and just to tell you that the plating wont affect the sound that much if anything.

The advice given here.

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