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Now that west marine no longer carries mas im going to have to order my epoxy online and will probably use raka in the future the price is good plus the shipping will be less i figure because theyre reasonably close to atlanta. Pierre that is a great test that an independant person did with our material.

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Raka 127 is a standard marine epoxy resin with a low viscosity of 600 cp centipoisethe resin features a barely noticeable smell while having excellent wetting out and clear coating properties.

Raka epoxy. Read about it here. Anyone else here used raka epoxy. On the test that we have done so far is the potlife inside the office at about 77f and 50 humidty.

Tips from a shipwright 167104 views. Buy raka epoxy the basic epoxy ingredients they use come from the major chemical manufacturers. The pigments cure hard in the epoxy and dont add a liquid plasticizer like many other general purpose pigments.

Raka epoxy two part systems are used on boats surfboards and such. The pictures have been optimized for faster download but in order to preserve the resolution the files are still quite large. The resin is very thick i cant imagine thicker and the hardener takes forever to kick.

Use it for laminating as it or with additives to make gluing fairing and filleting mixes. Epoxy resin and epoxy kits our epoxy resins are ideal for all types of boat building and repair. Raka epoxy 3490 oleander ave fort pierce florida 34982 rated 5 based on 1 review im restoring a classic british microplus from the ground up.

Raka epoxy is a well established brand with many hardener speed options. There are lots of good resins out there. Epoxy fiberglass kevlar and carbon fiber.

Raka 127 epoxy resin resin only 1 gallon. Happy holidays from your friends at raka. Our raka pigments are powders machine mixed in epoxy resin side a.

It also will not stick to dry epoxy. Jason cajune sells and uses system iii i assume its good stuff. Raka epoxy fort pierce fl.

Ive used it with no problems its pretty widely used by boat builders. Two months march 1 may 1 2000. We blend and modify our epoxies to meet specific parameters to get the right balance of properties to suit our customers needs.

Raka is good stuff. The combination of a great price and long durability and toughness is hard to beat. I have a kit medium viscosity resin and non blushing hardener.

The period in between when the cotton does stick is the perfect time to apply additional coats of resin. The basic epoxy ingredients we use come from the major chemical manufacturers. I use a mix of their slow and fast hardner depending on temp outside.

Warehouse specials available here. Although i did use raka s wood flour when filling some rather large joints as in the keel. Building supplies and information you need for your building project.

Ive only used west system and raka. I do use west 403 micro baloons. Raka epoxy resin fiberglass kevlar marine epoxy boat building marine fiberglass boat building tools.

Your one stop shop for boat building and surfboard building supplies. They have a very good product at a reasonable price and provide excellent support. New hybrid kevlarcarbon view pictures here.

The basic epoxy ingredients we use come from the major chemical manufacturers. Cotton will not stick to wet epoxy. What was your experience like.

Epoxy panel exposure after. It has endured everything the new england weather managed to throw at it in the summer it was blasted by pure southern sun for days on end 90o it was soaked by acid rain whipped by dust laden winds and in the winter it had been encased in solid ice for many days as well as buried under as much as 18 of snow at which time it. Louis sauzedde duration.

Hey everyone as a special thank you to all our customers we are offering 15 off all epoxy bottles and kits now through 1228. Raka brand epoxy tested and proven on our own boats. We are pleased to announce our new crystal clear casting epoxy system.

They both seem to work well. I will say that in the test the few complaints that he had back then like the extremly slow curing time have been fixed to speed up enough to give you about 25 30min potlife with sandability in approx 24hrs. It resists blushing and cures clear.

Totalboat crystal clear epoxy kits are perfect for wooden boat canoe or kayak builders as well as anyone looking for professional grade finishes that showcase the beauty of wood. So it has been an eventful year for the epoxy panel. I am currently using raka 127.

We blend and modify our epoxies to meet specific parameters to get the right balance of properties to suit our customers needs. Raka two part epoxy systems are used on boats surfboards and such. We use raka brand epoxy on all of our boats that we build.

Raka epoxy 9 gallon kit raka epoxy 3 gallon kit. Restech environmental products llc uv resistant marine grade epoxy resin clear non toxic boat bar top table top fiberglass wood laminating. They blend and modify their epoxies to meet specific parameters to get the right balance of properties to suit customers needs.

How to use penetrating epoxy to seal and protect your wooden boat feat. We did a lamination test of our new tropical hardener yesterday outside in the warehouse at 85f with 75 85 humidity and without doing the lamination properly we still needed a chisel and hammer to break it apart. Raka is a good economical boat building epoxy.

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Raka Epoxy Canada
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