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Pressure Fluid Mechanics

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For a static fluid the only stress is the normal stress since by definition a fluid subjected to a shear stress must deform and undergo motion. Pressure always acts inward normal to any surface even imaginary surfaces as in a control volume.

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Equations in fluid mechanics.

Pressure fluid mechanics. The fluid whose pressure is to be determined is called the metered fluid while the other fluid is called the manometer fluid. It first discusses what a fluid is and how it is distinguished from a solid basic characteristics of liquids and gases and concepts of normal and shear forces and stresses. Since gravity and liquid densities are fixed for the most part the height of the liquid is the largest variable in the equation.

The major fluid properties are then discussed. The pressure from the weight of a column of liquid of area a and height h is. R fluid mass density.

Introduction to pressure in fluid mechanics. U is the flow velocity vector. Pressure is a normal stress and hence has dimensions of force per unit area or ml 1 t 2.

Commonly used equations in fluid mechanics bernoulli conservation of energy conservation of mass pressure navier stokes ideal gas law euler equations laplace equations darcy weisbach equation and more. The manometer fluid may be of higher density or lower density than that of the metered fluid. The pressure in a static fluid arises from the weight of the fluid and is given by the expression.

Fluid mechanics is a branch of physics concerned with the mechanics of fluids liquids gases and plasmas and the forces on them. E total volume energy density. U internal energy per unit mass of fluid.

Pressure and fluid statics. The pressure exerted by a static fluid depends only upon the depth of the fluid the density of the fluid and the acceleration of gravity. Instead fluid pressure is the product of the density of the liquid the height of the liquid above the object and gravity.

This module reviews the basic principles of fluid mechanics particularly the topics covered in the fe exam. In the english system of units pressure is expressed as psi. Fluid mechanics has a wide range of applications including mechanical engineering civil engineering chemical engineering biomedical engineering geophysics astrophysics and biology.

Displaystyle otimes denotes the tensor product. 57020 fluid mechanics chapter 2 professor fred stern fall 2013 1. Normal stresses are referred to as pressure p.

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Fluid Mechanics Pressure Formula
Fluid Mechanics Pressure Formula
Various units are used to express pressure.
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Pressure Head Fluid Mechanics
Pressure Head Fluid Mechanics
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