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Positive Rake Angle Tool

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Positive negative and neutral. Positive rake angle implies the sum of the clearance angle and wedge angle is less than 90o.

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A positive rake offers sharp cutting tip so material is removed easily requiring minimum force.

Positive rake angle tool. Rake angle displays the inclination of rake surface of the cutting tool from reference plane. However none of them has fixed value. Concepts of flank angle wedge angle and rake angle.

How does the positive rake angle tool avoid the formation of built up edges while the cutting speed is low. On the other hand clearance angle displays the inclination of flank surface of the cutting tool from cutting velocity vector. Ideally all mitre saws overhead types radial arm saws should use a negative hook rake angle blade as the cutting pressure exerted on the material is towards the turn table rather than trying to lift the material away from it as with a positive hook rake angle blade thus making for safer processing.

Since rake surface is the chip flowing surface so rake angle also indicates chip flow direction. Its various names based on the plane on which it is measured effects and functions typical values and positive negative and zero rake angle are discussed here. Fig shows the force acting on a cutting tool with positive rake angle.

As schematically shown below positive rake angle offers sharp cutting edge and thus less chip deformation during machining action. Positive rake a tool has a positive rake when the face of the cutting tool slopes away from the cutting edge at inner side. Similarities and differences between positive rake angle and negative rake angle of cutting tool are given here in table form.

A negative rake makes tool tip less sharp but stronger so it offers longer life. Rake angle is a parameter used in various cutting and machining processes describing the angle of the cutting face relative to the work. Positive rake angle generally used in the cutting of soft material.

Cutting force and power requirement is comparatively less while machining with. However the higher positive value of rake angle weakens the cutting edge. The force acting on tool tends to shear off the cutting edge of the tool.

It requires less cutting force. What is the importance of the rake angle on a single point cutting tool. Different cutting tools may have different values of these angles and the same plays key role on machining performance.

There are three types of rake angles. Positive rake angle of a cutting tool. Sectional view of the wedge of a cutting tool displays these three different angles.

Definition of rake angle it is the angle of orientation of tools rake surface from the reference plane pr and measured on some other plane.

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Positive Rake Angle
Positive Rake Angle
There are three types of rake angles.
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